To trend or not?

Trends in fashion often highlight extreme colours, textures and patterns, and they promote design lines and shapes that are relatively acute in some direction or size – very wide or narrow, extremely long or short, exceptionally fitted or loose, intense or austere colours, exaggerated or muted textures etc.  Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, crop tops, jumpsuits, quirky prints, joggers, bold stripes etc. are a few examples of such trends. The more superlative the design, the more quickly it will come and go in terms of acceptability, popularity or fashionability




            Off-the-shoulder Top                                                                             Crop Top



                        Jumpsuit                                                                             Maxi Skirt With Quirky Print



                           Jogger                                                                                         Broad Stripes


Since fads and trends can be quite challenging to master, we bring you a few tips on how to work them effortlessly.

Stay Updated

Research and be aware of new styles strolling through stores. Browse through fashion magazines, websites or catalogues to keep yourself abreast of what’s in vogue. For example, distressed denims are currently making waves. Online platforms such as Pinterest are a great way to bookmark fads that appeal to you. If you prefer to go old school, then physically cut out pictures and file them for review. 


Timing is Everything

Avoid buying any new style at its peak or on its way out, instead invest in it at its upward rise, with the exceptions of styles that go on to become classics, which you can continue to buy. Hint: Now is a good time to buy velvet separates. 


Get Savvy

Select only those new styles that provide fresh solutions to your wardrobe needs or problems. If you’re looking to revamp your work wardrobe for instance, try a skirt with pockets.


Push the Boundaries

Select styles that allow you a new degree of creativity and variety, make you appear more in touch with the present, and unlock new attitudes, ideas, methods and techniques. Have you got toned shoulders but never showed them off? An of-the-moment cold shoulder dress is ideal for you.


Get Your Basics Right

Build your classic and basic wardrobe first with essentials such as regular fit trousers, shirts, blouses, pencil and A-line skirts and dresses, before buying a few fad or trend items. Always keep in mind that classics make more workable wardrobes.


Money Matters

Pay low to moderate prices for fad items. Turn to budget brands and sales to acquire your trendy garments.


Wear and Wear Again

Use the fad item often so you can afford to toss it when it becomes outdated.

The bottom line is that there are many terrific styles to choose from each season so don’t risk your money on something that doesn’t serve you well.

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