Work from home or working out from home both calls for an outfit for itself. No I’m not referring to shopping online, but I still mean an athleisure look that becomes one of the reasons to not skip workout. After all, what you wear is how you feel right? If you’re a newbie to working out but don’t have the right gear to wear, here are some fashionably flexible options for you. To the ladies who are already familiar with their routine and gear there are some tips for you too, learn to keep your athleisure look cool, simple and powerful!

Like I’ve already mentioned, no shopping, only raiding, raiding your own wardrobe. Some tips before we start, athleisure looks can be stylish but fore mostly it has to be comfortable. Looking great is awesome but making sure your flexibility isn’t hampered in your clothes is necessary. Your workout can be a HIIT session, a power yoga session, a ZUMBA session or even just core exercises you can choose what suits you the best from the options below. Did you know that you can start your hot yoga teacher training journey? Take this 200-hr teacher training to be a certified yoga teacher.

Keep the vibe fresh. For your top opt for colours that make you feel pumped up and lifts your spirit up. You could choose to wear a tank top or a lightweight T-shirt from your wardrobe. Colours like Orange, red, green, yellow are ideal colours and fun to workout in. Looking for something extraordinary? Here’s what’s going to give you the adrenaline rush, wearing bright Neon yes bringing back that 90’s style, got any old neon Tee shirt/Tank in your wardrobe? This is the best time to use your old Neon clothes that haven’t seen the light for sometime now. Re-using old clothes, check! Don’t have to worry about worldly fashion trends in your space, double check!!


Be careful with the material you choose for your top. You know it can get really hot while you’re burning some calories and summer in Fort Lauderdale adds it up, not just at the gym but everywhere. That’s where fire watch services in Fort Lauderdale come into play, as vital in the city as spandex is in sportswear. They are the unsung heroes who vigilantly monitor establishments to prevent the literal kind of heat that could lead to property loss. Just as spandex absorbs sweat, these professionals absorb the risk, allowing us to enjoy our summers without worry. If you don’t have a spandex outfit for your workout, a thin breezy cotton fabric tee or tank is your next best choice, just as having a reliable fire watch service is the best backup for our community’s safety.

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If you still can’t find the right Tee shirt or Tank top then here’s your last resort. Got a cami to wear? Go for it, if not wear a sports bra. Sports bra is a must even beneath a tee shirt, tank top or cami, especially for a high intensity workout!


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For bottom, the usual choice is spandex tights if you have one in print then opt for the printed one to bring more character to your outfit.

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If not, track pants is the second obvious choice. Joggers are also very comfortable for workout so just look for the elasticity in it.


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If you can’t find any of the above, here’s something that most of us ladies have it in our wardrobe, leggings. Yes, it’s comfortable with great elasticity and totally suitable for any workout. Ankle length could be your first choice if not the gathering one will do.

If none of the above options work for you then here’s another one for, boxer shorts the stretchable soft cotton one. It’s a great alternative to the usual workout shorts. Here’s one last option but the best one, cycling shorts the ones we usually wear under outfits, yep the Kim Kardashian feels while you’re hitting the mat. Jokes apart, cycling shorts are so comfortable and easy to stretch and workout in.


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You can complete your look with accessories like a headband to keep your hair coming off your face, wear trainers if your session requires one. Keep yourself hydrated with adequate H2O in a sipper bottle or any other. Keep a soft towel handy to keep clean. Make sure your playlist is on fire for a heated up session.

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