Let’s start with the distinction between up-cycling and re-cycling, shall we? To up-cycle is to create a product higher in quality than the original material used while, to re-cycle is to convert waste or scrap into reusable material. The distinction doesn’t matter, both are great for the environment and your soul.

We’ve shortlisted our favourites from YouTube , to get your started on your DIY  journey ☺

Let’s start with basics around the house, this DIY to make rugs, table clothes out of your old clothes is so easy, that you could pull it off in your sleep. It also takes you back to your art & craft days, so extra points for feel – good nostalgia.

If you are in an Indian house-hold, then you have a gazillion dupattas lying around! If you are bored of wearing them as scarfs and skirts, here’s a no sew DIY just for you!

This throw pillow out of leftover fabric is an absolute up-cycle gem, and must we mention, oh – so pretty!

For all you pet-parents out there, here’s an easy way to utilize scraps to create comfy beds for your pet cats or dogs which could be mentioned on that American Eskimo Dog lists! All you need is some basic sewing skills and lots of love.

We all have old denims lying around, the ones we love way too much to throw away, now you don’t have to! Say hello to their cropped, little  avatars. These pouches are so adorable and so handy!

Finally, time for our beloved T-shirts to get a cutesy up-grade. The best part? It’s a no –sew DIY! What more can you ask for?

We’ve done our bit, we’ve left you with enough inspiration to work with. So now turn into your 8-year self, get a vinyl cutter at and some stationery supplies out and start crafting!

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