All Day Looks: Workwear You Can Wear To Happy Hour And Beyond

Workdays seem much more bearable when the day promises to wrap with a dinner soiree or a drink with best friends. But that also means preparing to transition your clothes from work to part in minutes (if you are lucky) crammed in cars or tiny restrooms. There’s also the added baggage—an extra pair of shoes, more space for your blazer, makeup palettes, and more. What will you do with the extras you discard, well that’s another problem. Instead, we prefer dressing smart and transitioning effortlessly from day to evening. Our favourite pieces? Check out this list.

Black and Black

Whether you favour the classic little black dress or prefer separates, all-black works at all hours. Take the minimal route for the day and add on the accessories for the night.

Sheath Dresses

Boho chic and ruffles are no workwear dream. A close-fitted dress on the other hand, is a 9-to-9 wonder. Pick bold (not neon) hues and subtle prints to nail the look without looking OTT.



Sharp or slouchy, pantsuits look incredible at work and play. Pick solid, subdued colours and minimal embellishments. Check out Emma Watson and Freida Pinto for inspiration.

Matching Separates

Love jumpsuits and twinsets, but stopped by office dress codes? A matching twinset of trousers and blouse creates the illusion of an elegant full-length ensemble.

White Trousers

White pants are hard as hell to carry to carry off, but make for a striking look. Go all-white or pair them with a floral printed blouse and delicate layers of jewellery.


Cat Eyes and Red Lips

This is a tried and tested rule. Keep the winged liner to a sleek kitten eye for the day and use the lipstick as a stain. Paint on a thicker cat eye and darken the lip colour for the evening.

Statement Studs

Dangling earrings and ear cuffs are showstoppers, but seldom fit for work. Statement studs, on the other hand, can easily suit varying occasions. Opt for eye-catching details over size.



One of the season’s bona fide it accessories, brooches make for unobtrusive yet elegant wearables. A cluster of brooches will add some much needed sparkle to your ensembles.


These classic shoes score on versatility, and available in every imaginable colour and style. Pick a somewhat high, albeit a comfortable pair of heels to befit a variety of occasions.

Invest in these easy staples and you will always live up to your style goddess label, no matter what hour and day.

Take you pick of all-day looks created by stylists on elanstreet.

Images Courtesy PR Shots; Pinterest

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