2021 is here; it’s time to get your resolutions in place. Why the tradition of resolution you may ask? 

It is in order to cultivate and live by good habits and practices. Committing via making resolutions is a good way to accomplish goals. 

If you’re figuring out your resolutions for the coming year or you’ve already got it sorted, we’ve got some simple ideas for you to adapt a sustainable life, for a better future. You can also visit this website if you are interested to join a climate justice movement for a more sustainable 2021.

Why sustainability? 

We are no strangers to the issue of global warming; the rising cause of climate change depends a lot on our lifestyle. Sustainability is a way of switching to better or greener options for a healthier future. 

How to start to sustainable life? 

You may not believe but our day-to-day lives and even the smallest choices we make unknowingly can affect the environment enormously. So here are some small steps you can adapt for a sustainable lifestyle. 

  • Shop less, repeat more. What we mean is, shop only when you require. Shop less but make sure you’re using clothes to it’s maximum wear life. Make conscious decisions while shopping and no impulsive shopping decisions, as you usually end you up with items you don’t need.

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  • Reduce your plastic use. Try to use less plastic items and more sustainably reusable materials. Like carrying your own cloth shopping bag, switching to metal straws, carrying your own water bottle, asking to not include cutlery in your food delivery order.
  • Switching from plastic decor to greener indoor houseplants that require minimum maintenance. This way you breathe better air and your house is brimming of healthy vibes! 

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  • Reduce your leather usage, the effects on global warming caused by the leather industry is massive. The only way we could reduce this is by reducing our usage of leather, like opting for a straw bag instead of a leather bag, which is so fashionable and sustainable! 
  • Switch from sanitary napkins to menstrual cups. It’s shocking but it takes about 500-800 years for a sanitary napkin to decompose because of it’s non biodegradable plastic. Sanitary napkins are very unsafe for the environment and that’s why you should switch to menstrual cups which is a better alternative that does not end up in a pile of 500-year-old garbage. 
  • Support local and small sustainable brands near you. Many young brands are going an extra mile to make a fashion business with zero waste, organic fabric and packaging. These brands are environmental friendly and fashion-forward so let’s add them on to our list of favorite shopping brands.
  • Use more organic products. Organic skincare products are not only good for your skin but are even safe for the environment. The chemical products that we otherwise use are harmful agents. Don’t worry there are so many promising organic brands that you will never have to compromise.

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These are small baby steps, you could start with, and so this New Year let’s start making a conscious choice for a better future. One step at a time, let’s vow to make 2021 a year of many new!

Happy New Year!  Until next time,xx.

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