5 trend setters that you should follow for sure

Most of the time, people limit fashion to the clothes or accessories that are trending or suit them the most. But, in real life, fashion holds more significant meaning and has been considered as one language to depict a person’s personality. 

Fashion is a language in itself that defines every expression. The challenge prevails in the market regarding who will be the next fashion icon. While this question might strain the environment, people who are confident about how they want to be perceived don’t fear becoming fashionable. We have a list of exactly five people who have won the hearts of millions and become trendsetters hassle-free. Let’s have a look at them-

Deepika Padukone

One of the many Indian celebrities who have taken the stage left a confident yet captivating image in everyone’s minds. She started her career with Om Shanti Om; there’s no going back for her. She embodies class, virtue, and elegance and never fails to astound everyone with her dressing sense.



Ranveer Singh

Guess who rules the fashion market? Yes, this is the first name that comes to our mind. From breaking the barrier of keeping fashion a “serious business”, his dressing style represents the vibrant and cheerful side that all the fans love. Singh effortlessly flaunts a range of outfits, from designer ghagras to Gucci tracksuits and sequined turtlenecks, exuding confidence and style. His unique fashion choices and statement pieces consistently generate buzz on the internet.



Komal Pandey

Who is the sensational figure of the fashion market? We know it’s Komal Pandey. The perfect example of setting up a new fashion language and taking away Instagram with her latest fashion sense, she has inspired us in some way. The unique part about her fashion statement is that she embodies affordability and confidence in the best way possible. 



Juhi Godambe

Are you in search of a stylish appearance? Look no further than Juhi, who has established herself as a fashion trendsetter. Her unique fashion sense has caught the attention of many, and she is known for her confident and distinctive style. She has become a source of inspiration for the younger generation, encouraging them to elevate their fashion game.



Kareena Kapoor

Can you guess who always keeps her style on point and never fails to impress? It’s Kareena who effortlessly embodies her Pataudi heritage with her impeccable fashion sense. She is a true fashion icon who has a deep understanding of style.



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