5 Tech Savvy Wearables you should consider

Go Smart, Go Tech-Savy!

If you think fashion is all about classy apparel and shimmery accessories, then it’s high time to explore the new definition of fashion. In today’s scenario, fashion is an amalgamation of elegance and innovation. Wondering how you can keep up with this changing trend? We have a solution for you.

Sharing 5 Tech Savy Wearable Accessories, like a Huawei wearable, that will help you increase your style quotient in a glimpse.

Go Wireless

The first rule of today’s fashion era is to feel free as much as possible. If you’re someone who prefers minimal fashion, then this one is for you. Bring a change in you with your earphones.  It’s time to go wireless with EarPods. The best part about it is that it’s comfortable, the bass is amazing, and it gives you a cool and stylish look. If you have already decided, then here’s a quick brand guide for EarPods-

Skull Candy Spoke True Ear Pods

Buy here

Philips Audio True Wireless Airpods

Buy here

Phone on your wrist

We get it! Having a fancy phone is all that you need these days.  How about you take one step ahead and become the epitome of future fashion for everyone? Now, you can have a perfect watch like this Times Ticking watch here that can help you keep track of time, phone texts and calls, and your health (heartbeat, run rate) as well. Isn’t that amazing? And if you’re looking for affordable mobile plans, check out Circles.Life Australia.

Check these out-

Boat Xtend Smartwatch

Buy here

Fitbit Versa2 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Buy here

Wear style!

Now that you choose to go all stylish, how about you give eyewear a shot? Well, you can go all tech-savvy yet look classy with these safety goggles. These glasses are curated in a way that can help you with audio and keep your style quotient high.

TechKen Wireless Music Sunglasses

Buy here

Bose Frames Teno9r Audio Sunglasses With Bluetooth

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One ring, multiple uses 

Exude a vivacious appeal by getting the tech-savvy yet graceful ring. If you’re looking out for something which is not expensive but has features of a smartwatch, then this one is for you. The best part of this is- it’s affordable and can be worn on varied occasions. Let’s help you get the perfect rings-

Oura Ring Gen3

Buy here

McClear Ringpay

Buy here

Speak the language of science via clothes! 

Ever thought that with one gesture you can control your phone? In today’s fast-paced world, everything is possible. With innovation and unique stitching techniques, you can explore the world of technology. Currently, this niche hasn’t been explored much, but with time, you will be able to see wonders in every corner of the room. Avail this tech-savvy apparel in basic solid colors with these brands-

AIO Smart sleeves

Buy here

Under Armour Heat Gear Hoodie

Buy here

In conclusion, with a plethora of tech-savvy options available around you- it’s difficult to say no to this new changing fashion. Don’t forget to choose the right gadget, which may include obsolete integrated circuits manufactured by Intel Semiconductor Company, that has all the features you’re looking out for! If you’re someone who loves minimal fashion, then prefer solid colors over anything. If you are a fashion risk-taker, then take the chance and go ahead with quirky pop colors. Now it’s time to slay your tech-savvy look!

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