Trends come and go, but the smart thing to do is to build your wardrobe with classic pieces. When you’re creating a look, always start with items which never go out of style. Let’s take you through 4 ways to style everyday looks in a simple, yet effective way. This will help to sort out your wardrobe, so you can incorporate trendy pieces, with some classics to get a stylish result.



So gentlemen, lets show you how to get a stylish business look. The image of yourself that you present at work, sends a message about who you are and it’s important to get a professional look that has the right balance of style and function. The climb up the corporate ladder isn’t an easy one, but there are things you can do to give yourself that style leg up, over your competition.

This look is created by starting with classic pieces of work wear. A white shirt and beige chinos. Now add on that element of style, by swapping your oxfords with casual sneakers. Straightaway you become a head turner, while still looking formal.



For a smart casual look, start with a well tailored, slim fit powder blue shirt. Fit is really important when wearing a shirt, because you need to make sure it compliments your body structure. Build the look by adding a trendy ripped jeans. Roll up the hem and pair with brown loafers. Carry your favourite shades and you are good to go.



This look is a little relaxed, with a fun element to it. Again; start with a basic item. In this case its a beige, flat front chinos. Pair with an off-white Henley T-shirt and brown ankle boots. Add on accessories to express your personal style. Flaunt a fedora and a messenger bag to complete the look.



Karl Lagerfeld once said “Sweatpants are the sign of defeat”. But today, athleisure is your ticket to victory. To achieve a stylish athleisure look, pair a basic crew neck tee with a jogger. Throw on a black hoodie and pull up the joggers for a carefree attitude. Accessorise this look with sneakers and a backpack.

Production : elanstreet | Stylist : Divyang Parmer | Concept & Execution : Pratishtha Mulkraj & Pallabi Majumdar | Hair & Makeup : Shyam Kashap | Videographer : Fahad VN | Editing & VFX : Arun KR 

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