Hello New Year, old me is it already time to lookout for the spring trends? Are we early to think about this? May be not! While there are many new trends appearing on the runway here are 3 trends that are recurring from the past. Yep, these are the trends that you hoarded back in your wardrobe and never thought would make a comeback this early! But who can we deny? We loved them back then and I’m sure we’ll them more now. Can you guess the first one?




Girl, you’re good if you guessed this right. The bright fluorescent colors are shining bright back at us after a break. We expected this since we spotted them on some popular figures like Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively from the last Autumn season. But mind you, bright lime, acid green and bright pink were the only popularly seen colors yet. Renowned Indian maestro, Sabyasachi Mukherjee saw this way earlier and bought them back in his Spring’18 collection. So girl don’t be afraid to bring out your Neon.





The most anticipated and personally my most favorite trend is back! As a girl with a short stature, I struggled to wear mid calf length skirts because they hit me at the wrong point that decreased my height inches even more shorter. That’s why I’ve stored a few of my favorite mini skirts from back then hoping for it to make a comeback.  If you were awaiting this day like me then fret not, bring out your denim mini, suede mini, your leather mini and all kinds of mini’s that you love!





Throwback to the 60’s from where the tie-dye originated and fast forward to this day where not much has changed in the techniques and the designs of tie – dye. With your Indian roots you may recognize tie-dye design as a classic ex- bandani. I love this trend just the way it is and wouldn’t have it any other way! Of course there are new versions of different colors and the way it is worn but it’s not very hard to spot a tie – dye. This technique is not limited to any sources so go ahead and convert an old T- shirt into a fab new one with DIY tying and dyeing technique at home. Don’t worry about going wrong on this one, because you cannot.

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