Cues to Style Wide Legged Trousers like a Celebrity

Feminine and powerful, wide legged trousers are perennially in style. These separates became fashionable in the 60’s and 70’s but its origins date back to the world war era. A time when men had to go to war and women had to stay back and work, which gave rise to the need for comfortable loose clothing.

When choosing a pair, one should consider cuts and fabrics based on their body type and the occasion. Read and take cues from our lookbooks & celebrities, for tips on the best ways to wear your wide legged pants.

High Waisted

Wear black high waisted wide legged pants with a black crop top for an all-black co-ordinated look. Let your accessories reflect your mood and the occasion.



Make a retro statement by pairing your cropped leg trousers with classic pumps and gold accessories. Pair your pants with a sophisticated top and layer on a statement jacket to complete the look.



Work the popular athleisure trend by teaming a pair of striped pants with sneakers and a sporty top. Minimal makeup works best with this ensemble.



Turn heads with a pair of wide legged metallic trousers, a white shirt and statement accessories. For an evening out, swap the white shirt for a dressy top.


Mesh, Prints & Lace

If you’re feeling adventurous, skip the tried and tested monochrome pair and go for one with prints, such as floral or paisley, mesh or lace. Wear these statement pants with a muted top and simple accessories.


Here are some Celebrity Inspiration on styling your trousers :-


Gigi Hadid in Crop Top With Wide Legged Trouser’s                            Katherine-Heigl in cropped trouser

 Image Source                                                                                    Image Source

                                                          3_resize (1)

              GiGi Hadid sporting Athelisure                                                                 Kendell Jenner in Metallics

                           Image Source                                                                                           Image Source


                    Selena Gomez flaunts prints                                                                      Emily Ratajkowski in Lace

                              Image Source                                                                                              Image Source

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