Winter Layering Done Right

Winter in India can mean different things to different people based on where you put up! Like me, if you were born and raised in Bombay, winter for you basically is one extra light layer (Nope, it ain’t cold enough for heavy-duty coats!). But, if you’re in Delhi, for instance, it means you need to get your layering game on point! Today we look at different layering options based on the kind of winter you face – ranging from  ‘freezing- to-the-bone to well-if-you-call-this-slight-nip-in-the-air-winter’ kinda situation. Let’s get started.


Well, girl, you need layers and lots of them! Based on your tolerance to cold you can either go light on the bottom and heavy on top or go for padding all over! Both look amazing if done right. The trick is to add textures and work with different hues.


If you are in sub-zero temperatures, it’s wise to cover up; with layering you can hardly go wrong. Remember to choose contrasting colours and not add too many bulking elements. A hoodie with a long coat does the trick, so does a louchey knit, under a denim jacket with a long coat covering it. If you are somewhere between 5 to 8 degrees you can get away with a dress or skirt worn with warmers or stockings. A long coat and thigh-high boots will go a long way in keeping your legs warm! The key here is to have one element that breaks the monotony. If your outfit is mainly black and grey, a sweater in pastel or a bright hue can make the outfit looks less monotonous. If you want to go for monotones, opt for the same family, but different textures and tones, for ex: pristine white layered with egg-shelf and finished off with bone or paper white.



You need a solid extra layer to keep you warm and it’ll do, if that’s the situation you are looking at, sweats and knits are your best friends. They are warm enough and look adorable. You can wear a sweatshirt with a cute denim jacket or pair a chunky oversized sweater with some overalls or wear it as a dress and add some high knee boots to the equation. The point is to add one solid warm layer and then build the outfit around it.



In this case, you really just need one super light layer. At this point, it is more of an accessory than a necessity anyway. First thing first – scarves, stocking, and cardigans are your best friends! If you want to opt for a sweater; make sure it’s an open weave sweater, it’s the just the right amount of warmth you need!

There you have it, layering for anything the season throws at ya!

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