Winter is Coming: 8 Essentials to Conquer the Cold

Everyone has a favourite season—mine happens to be winter. Others might shiver (pun intended) at the thought of bundling up, but I’m never happier to pull out and wear my sweatersand larger than life overcoats. You may not be a rapturous fan of the dipping temperature, but there’s no reason to dress dreary in the cold. Here’s our checklist of hot winter must-haves to cruise through the cold with panache.  


CARDIGAN Not your grandma’s silly! The new cardigan is updated with lace and sequins, fur trimming, and exaggerated collars. For everyday wear, invest in staple neutrals or the season’s trending military green. Look to try: Wear under your regular suit at work for a laidback formal appearance.

TURTLE NECK The modest roll-up is in the spotlight this winter. Reminiscent of the ’90s, we spotted it on street style stars, and in the collections of McQ Alexander McQueen and Kenzo. Pair plain knits and geometric prints with leather bottoms to balance the badass vibe.


OVERCOAT Some days, sweaters just don’t make the cut. A long coat is versatile, shifting from formal to casual with ease, and a real wardrobe classic. If the signature Burberry trench is out of bounds, fret not. High street brands and boutiques offer plenty of options to choose from.

LEATHER JACKET This sturdy fabric scores on both count—style and stability. Channeling grunge with leather is normal, but pair it with prints, lace, and linen for a singular look. Leather doesn’t suit your fancy? Pick a faux pai—and nobody said it has to be black.


SWEATER DRESS For those who have survived winter parties secretly miserable in flimsy party dresses, a sweater dress is a godsend. Choose mid-length cuts to keep goose bumps away. The best part—you can leave the overcoat at home.

BOOTS There’s no time like winter to bring out your boots or invest in new ones. For regular wear, stick to practical flat-soled pairs or comfortable block heels. For music festivals and parties, invest in bohemian-inspired booties and calf-length suede boots.


SCARF Unless you like your shirts buttoned up, a scarf adds visual appeal to the neckline. Eschew the careless fling around the neck for an eye-catching knot. You never would have thought a scarf could be such a conversation starter.

STATEMENT JEWELLERY Winter’s mood is maximal, and we suggest you finish your trusty monochrome, navy, and burgundy ensembles with candy-coloured baubles. Body chains, ear jackets, palm cuffs, stackable rings and chains—the quirkier and brighter, the better.l

Images: PR Shots; Zara.  

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