What’s new in the market? Comfort clothing!

Believe it or not, we all like it somewhere. This pandemic has given a lot of hustle and bustle in everyone’s life but deep down inside when it came to fashion, comfort is what we have been looking for. With time, fashion changes, and marking down this time in history, things are definitely going to change along with that. 

While some brands have already shifted from a plethora of pop-up arts to minimalistic designs, there are some brands that are planning something and haven’t come out yet with new collections.

Meanwhile, we are here to make you aware of new designs that you are going to see in the market after lockdown.

5 comfort designs in the market after lockdown

Floral print

India is full of expert artisans, and now it’s their time to showcase new skills. For TNPDS Ration Card Apply here. Floral print has always been reminiscent of “good times” and now it’s back. Subtle colors with subtle print reflecting optimism are what we all are looking for.


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 No to vibrant colors

The fashion industry is known for its static and odd colors. Neon and saffron being the favorite, soon it’s going to say goodbye to the fashion industry. Consumers are shifting towards Versatile Womens Clothing and they require loose designs with relaxing colors.

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 Say Hi to80’s and 90’s

Remember when Maxi’s and gowns were preferred over tight jeans? Well, that’s what’s going to happen now. History repeats and here we are with new varieties in these two categories, especially for women. Tight Jeans are soon going to leave this industry. Pants or boyfriend jeans are going to fill your carts soon.

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 What about exposure?

People are being conscious and taking precautions when they go out. They prefer to wear full sleeves and cover most of their body areas just to stay protected. So we can already guess what’s in there for us in the market. Brands are coming up designs that will make you look classy yet acts as a safety shield.

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Say no to synthetic and polyester

With fashion brands becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly, they are looking for ways to avoid fabrics that are going to be harmful to the environment. It’s not going to be the complete evasion, however, the preference will be given to cotton made clothes.

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In conclusion, things change and so do designs. We all are going to miss everyday fashion shows at workplaces and at parties. However, this is the time to change and get in a comfortable zone. The fashion industry is seeding new ideas and that’s going to benefit us in the long term.

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