Instagram is beaming with posts of #veganuary and we have finally caught on. We all know a plant based diet can do wonders for our health, while help us save our planet, one vegan burger at a time. Talk about win-win! This got us thinking, why not extend the same policies to our beauty products as well. Animal testing is cruel; there is not a single reason to justify poor animals being harmed for the sake of vanity. Now, there are a ton of amazing cruelty-free products in the market to replace the chemical laden ones that are tested on animals, we’ll do you one better. We bring you 5 vegan beauty brands with a soul.


Their charcoal beauty range has the thumbs up from many fashionistas online. Another favourite from this brand is the tea tree overnight mask. The charcoal range helps purify your pores, think vacuum cleaners for your skin! Grime-free pores = healthy, glowing skin! The tea tree overnight mask is a miracle worker for fighting blemishes, acne and black spots. With goodies like tree tea, neem and aloe vera, packed into one cute little pack, what can possibly go wrong? Their amazing range is available on Amazon.


This brand is a personal favourite for their yummy soaps; yes we use the word yummy cause it smells good enough to eat! They have myriad skin and hair care products. They are well known for their handmade soaps and cold pressed oils. They even have shampoo bars and konjac sponge, take about zero waste! Their apple mangosteen soap helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles; the milk chocolate soap takes care of dry skin and the pink strawberry soap gives the face a beautiful glow.



Omved is all about striking the balance; they believe in achieving a healthy state of body and mind and rely on the more than 5000-year old Vedic traditions to do so. They have an array of products right from skin therapies to mother and baby therapies. They even have shaving gels and pain relief wraps and masks. What’s more? You can browse products as per your body Dosha – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Their ‘Gotu Kola Gold Leaf Night Cream’ and ‘No Fuss Facewash’ is a must-have!



Plum claims to be the only 100% vegan brand in India and is featured on the pages of top fashion publications such as Vogue, Idiva, Verve and Femina. They have tons of amazing products but are most applauded for their ‘Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Glow Restore Face Oils Blend’, Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel, All-Day Wear Kajal and their Fig & Vallina body butter! They truly stand behind their line ‘Putting care back in skin and hair care!’



The company believes in using products that are as close to nature as it gets! The products are free of harmful toxins, chemicals and artificial elements. They have a range of body care, hair care, baby care, bath and home products. Their aloe-vera blend gels are our favourites and we love their organic soap range. What’s more? They even sell menstrual cups! This brand is all about going to an giving back to nature.


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