Most of the jewellery, accessories or even footwear that you buy are primarily made from plastic, leather or metal. All these materials put an environmental load on the planet. Today we are aware that we can go green with every buying decision we take. Conscious consumption for all our style needs can be done, by choosing eco-friendly alternatives that are not harmful to our earth. Here are some sustainable apparel choices.

Watches: Indian rosewood, mahogany, coffee tree, teak and 100 percent recycled timber are used to make eco-friendly watches. These trees are completely free from any toxic chemicals and not a single tree is cut down in the process.Some company’s selling the eco-friendly watches, plant a tree for every watch you buy.

Watches made with natural wood are unique & eco-friendly :Image Source

Sunglasses: Choose sunglasses that are handcrafted by manufacturers from sustainable materials, including cotton based acetate, repurchased skateboard decks, and certified wood.These wooden sunglasses can reduce the plastic pollution while giving you a unique and stylish look.

top knot and shades

Sunglasses with frames made from wood :Image Source

Scaeco-print, ecofriendly, merino wool gauze scarf with fringe, printed naturally with white oak and eucalyptus leavesrves: Use eco-friendly and sustainable scarves made from various organic materials like Alpaca yarn, khadi cotton, hand stitched cotton, eco or hand dyed silk, all which are examples of rich organic textiles. Pashmina weaves and block printed scarves are also great eco-friendly scarf options.

Umbrella: You can choose an umbrella whose fabric is made from recycled plastic, most of the eco friendly umbrellas come with an handle is made from 65% reclaimed wood that can be decomposed in 2 to 3 weeks once placed in soil.

Travel kits and Backpacks: Travels kits made from recycled bike tubes can be used for your belongings and help the environment at the same time. You can use Backpacks made from polyethylene terephthalate. This fibre is created from old plastic water bottles.

Image on the Left: Eco-print Eco-friendly merino wool gauze scarf, printed with white oak & eucalyptus leaves. (Image Source)

Belts: Belt are now manufactured in sustainable and contemporary materials like harvested cork, tree bark , recycled and upcycled tires, huck straps etc.These belts are quite unique and stylish if you wish to go eco friendly.

Designer Belts. recycle inner tubes

Designer belt made from recycled inner tube of tyres: Image Source


Reduce the demand for newly mined gold, by buying recycled gold jewellery and become environmentally responsible.You could also look out for sites that will accept your old gold jewellery and recycle your old gold into a customised jewellery for you.

Choose jewellery that is handmade by artisans using natural materials like antique beads, oxidised brass, recycled leather, sustainable wood, precious metals and stones, sea glass etc.

Recycled PET necklace

Recycled PET necklace: Image source

Choose vintage jewellery as it doesn’t require new mining, it recycles valuable resources.Vintage neck pieces and rings looks very classy and stylish.

Aquaculture damages the environment as it uses high powered hoses to clean the oysters, where as pearl farmers use tropical fish to scrub the oysters clean which is quite an economical friendly solution.Hence pearls are the best option , they are not mined and are more organic .

Footwear: You can now have eco-friendly shoes for every occasion. Woodland is currently the biggest player entering the market, with its biodegradable shoes with handmade leather. These shoes are blister free and pain free while walking and are knitted from recycled water bottles and carbon free sole.

The materials that can be used for these vegan shoes are sustainable wood, recycled car tyres, organic cotton, Cork, bamboo, hevea tree natural rubber and vegetable dyed leather.

Free People Colette Vegan Sandal, $98.00 Love the basic cognac and I can really get excited about one of the hot new colors on the horizon.......sapphire!

The boxy hemp shoes and sandals were eco friendly for the earth, but lacked style hence now we have the recycled Polyethylene terephthalate bottles can be used to make mesh, recycled rice husks for soiling materials, recycled leather and recycled foam for foot beds for even more sexy and stylish footwear.

Image on the left: Colette Vegan Sandals (Image Source)

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