The Sexy – Scorpio

Sexy, secretive and jealous, the Scorpions are here. Born between 23rd October – November 21st, they are known for their passion and mysterious appearance.  Scorpios are highly focused in whatever they do, which makes them great leaders. They are very resourceful and will be there for you, wherever needed. Scorpio hates dishonesty, which could make them very possessive. Being ruled by the planet Pluto, they have the ability to transform and regenerate. Scorpios are very secretive, only the closed ones actually know there real self (or maybe not). The same characteristics pass on to the way they dress themselves. Scorpios are the true satorialists of the zodiac.

Being a still water sign, that Scorpio is, they are very much aware of there emotions and when it comes to fashion, they like dressing up in a way, to show their inner side.When is comes to Scorpio woman, she likes dark eye make up and sleek straight hair. Scorpio gaze, is like that of an eagle. Burgundy, the color that stands for deep emotions, mystery and passion, is the favorite color for a scorpion woman. She loves her blacks and whites and has a lot of statement pieces. She avoids limelight, hence goes for more classic pieces.

Like all the other water sign, Mr. Scorpio is the one that who feels lot of emotions and never shy’s away to show them. Scorpio male is very well aware of his personal style and never gets swayed away with others options or trends. Dark colors allows him to stick to his mysterious personality. Black is his favorite color.

Not completely sure of your style as a Scorpio? Or need to find a gift for your Scorpio friend. Take inspiration from the looks below.

The Scorpio Woman

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The Scorpio Man

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