Being You: The A-B-C of Personal Branding

It takes as less as seven seconds for a person to form a first impression. As we meet and interact with people around us, from friends to business associates, everybody forms an impression of us. In the process, a lot of our personal attributes gradually translate into our individual brand value. Sounds complicated? We help you understand the simplest rules of personal branding so you can get started on being the best version of yourself.



It’s almost inevitable that our clothes represent our values, personality, and a situational fit. It means that your ensemble should complement your role and the occasion. Pay attention to your choice of colour, the fabric’s texture, design elements such as neckline, sleeves, and silhouette, and the fit of the garment.

Taking time to chat with colleague. Two cheerful business people discussing something and smiling

Body language

Picture this: A man stands a foot away from his companion, talking with his mouth slightly open, and eyes wandering with little or no energy and emotion. Now, look at man B who smiles genuinely, uses hand gestures, is (slightly) animated in his tone and expression, and creates an impression of having fun in the conversation.  Who are you likely to be drawn to? Mr. B is an easy guess. Always display an engaged body language, mirror the other person, and maintain good posture through the conversation.


Apart from breathing, almost everything we do is a means of communication. The aim of communication should be to understand first and then to be understood. First, listen–communication starts with this. Speak after you think, and maintain a professional tone. Talk slowly and clearly, using correct grammar—avoid using slang. Finally, exude confidence and maintain eye contact.


Digital footprint

This is the age of technology. In a world which is hyper-connected via the World Wide Web, it’s more important than ever to have a great online presence. Create your website or blog to be your visual resume. Always be sure about what you share with the world—if you don’t like posts you shared earlier clean up your social media pages. We have a virtual existence—make the most of it.


Good manners never go out of style. Start with being polite—please, sorry, thank you, excuse me, these are golden words. Learn the art of punctuality. Reach on time, respect your own and others’ time. Be kind to others. Eat appropriately; people appreciate good table manners more than you might think.

We all aspire to be liked and perceived in a positive light. At the heart of this thought lies good behaviour. Complete your impeccable dressing and manners with a compassionate spirit. Be helpful to others—it’s a quality that makes you likeable to others as much as your own self.

What are you waiting for? Ready, set, go!

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