7 Most Stylish Politicians of India today

Today fashion and politics go hand in hand. Social media has made us well aware of all those stylish politicians from around the world. Starting from the classy Kate Middelton to the handsome Justin Trudeau; we just love their sense of style. While in India, we are used to see politicians in usual white kurtas, there are few leaders who are currently rocking their personal styles. They have a bold fashion statement, yet never too extravagant.

Here is a list of top 7 most stylish Indian politicians today.

1. Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India)

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Narendra Modi is one of India’s the most influential politician when comes to styling. His famous NaMo kurta (half sleeved khaadi kurta) has become quite popular. The most fashionable piece he sported, was the Bandhgala suit he wore to meet Barack Obama, which had his name embroidered as stripes.

2. Omar Abdullah (Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir)

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The youngest CM of Jammu & Kashmir has a dignified and classy personal style. He has a taste for crisp and well-tailored pieces. He also carries Pathan suits and kurta pajama quite gracefully.

3. Shashi Tharoor (MP of Indian National Congress)

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Being an MP from Kerala, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on External Affairs, also an acclaimed writer, having authored 16 bestselling works of fiction and non-fiction since 1981, Dr. Shashi Tharoor has a whale of achievements after his name. His personal style is very sharp and premium, reflecting his own personality quite well.

4. Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia (MP of Indian National Congress)

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He is known as the ‘rock star of Indian politics’. Nehru coats with pocket square, leather boots and sunglasses are his trademark. His style is effortlessly classy.

 5. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra (Indian National Congress Politician)

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The grand daughter of Indira Gandhi, regally carries of the famous Gandhi family fashion. Be it a cotton saree or a well-tailored shirt and trousers, she looks charming in whatever she wears. Her iconic cotton saree with no accessory look reminds us of her grand mother.

6. Sachin Pilot (MP of Indian National Congress)

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This young member of the Indian National Congress slays the usual politician look with his crisp white kurta pajama and leather sandals. His neat and chic style gives us some serious laundry goals.

7. Agatha Sangma (MP of Nationalist Congress Party)

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She is a style icon for our Youngistan. Being a representor the Tura constituency from the state of Meghalaya, she carries off her traditional style gracefully. Meghalayan sarongs, t-shirt, jeans, formal shirt and trousers are usual work wear for this smart and youthful lady.

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