Style Solutions: Situational And Mood Styling

While many poeple find putting together an outfit an effortless task, there are still those of us who need a little help time and again. For all the fashionista’s out there who spend hours wading through your closet looking for the right ensemble, here are some styling tips to keep in mind the next time you put together a look.

Situational styling is one of the focus areas that will help create an outfit for any event. Read on to understand how to dress according to the situation or occasion.

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  • Start off by deciding upon what message you would like to send across through your outfit. co-ordinate the pieces of your outfits based on terms of activity, occasion and your personality.
  • Draw attention to one dominant point on your outfit. Opt for a tie or a scarf to keep attention near the face for business or leadership occasions and emphasis the wrist, waist or hem for social occasions.
  • Analyze the location, environment and  your lifestyle while creating the outfit. This way you can establish or maintain your credibility and exert a more significant influence.

Mood styling on the other hand is a technique used to put together outfits based on inspirations and theme. Below are some pointers to keep in mind.

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  • Understand your personal style– Focus on the fabrics you would like your garments to be made of. Choose your preference of textures, colours, details and fabric techniques your would like to don. The nest step would be to determine which silhouettes you feel most comfortable in, be it the fit, fall or even structure.
  • Research– Search the web for outfits worn at similar occasions, and create an inspiration board. specifically a collection of patterns, designs, styles, colors and fabrics which work as an inspiration to help determine the direction and mood of your outfit. This helps you gain inspiration to decide what you like and what you don’t like.
  • Look for the inspirational outfits that speak to you. Save the images that you find attractive and ones that you believe you will wear.
  • Change the mood of your basic garment. E.g. Soften the look of a serious business suit or dress with a touch of lace.
  • Update the look of your time tested classic clothes through accessories. E.g. Shoes in the latest style can make your pencil skirt look current.
  • Accessories play a vital role in completing an outfit. Make sure you collect good quality and timeless pieces.

A perfect balance of situational and mood styling is your one stop solution for a great style. Head on out, research and experiment on finding your personal style.

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