Style Files: Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, Bipasha Basu Walk The Ramp For Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017

As the most anticipated fashion event in the country – Lakmé Fashion Week – comes to an end, we can’t help but marvel at the brilliant creations that were presented. An amalgamation of the most talented fashion designers, makeup and hair stylists, models, creative consultants and directors, LFW never fails to impress. Needless to say, the Summer/Resort 2017 showcase was no different. Here are the highlights.


Day 1

The first day of the Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 show was witness to breezy fabrics and light hues juxtaposed with structured silhouettes and rich colours.



11.11   11.11 6   11.11 4

Designers Shani Himanshu and Smita Singh Rahtore kicked started Lakmé Fashion Week with their collection of cool casual wear, featuring flirty and fun clothing for both men and women. Using cool tones of blue and white as well as a range of summer colours with subtle prints, such as lunar block prints and polka dots, they payed homage to the spring and summer seasons. The designer duo presented light fabrics and creative layers that are perfect for muggy weather.



urvashi 1        urvashi 2 new        urvashi 3

Feminine casuals is what designer Urvashi Kaur was aiming for. Her collection showcased flowy silhouettes that drape and flaunt the feminine figure splendidly. Lightweight fabrics featuring patterns, textures and muted tones combined with elegant silhouettes to produce a delightfully chic assortment.



am it 2     am it 3     amit 1

Bold and strong structures were seen in designer Amit Aggarwal’s range. Although  deep and vibrant colours were used, we could also see intricate details of texturing on the garments. Each ensemble seemed to be worn over a metallic full body suit which complimented the design. While the range consisted of dresses, tops and skirts, the innovative designs made them stand out.



kunal 1           kunal 2 new            kunal 3

Transitioning from monochromatic looks of light colours to darker colours with textures, designer Kunal Rawal’s work boasted of a dapper ethnic style. He used rich tones of royal blue, purple and red which gave a luxurious vibe to the modern ethnic ensembles. Closing the show for Kunal was actor Varun Dhawan, rocking an off- white kurta set worn with a textured jacket.


Day 2

On day two of Lakmé Fashion Week, we saw the boho-indie trend being proudly paraded. From the usage of industrial waste to the addition of accessories to the garment, the casual ensembles displayed creativity and style.



reincarnation 2    reincarnation 3    reincarnation 5

Designer Radhi Parekh effortlessly incorporates bold tribal accessories into her collection as a part of the design. The ensemble depicts elegance in its raw form.  Although the accessories are mostly seen around the bust line, one particular look displays the embellishment seamlessly fitted along the sleeve. Featuring dark colours ranging from navy to black to grey, the talented designer showcased her range with minimal accessories and bare feet.



jumubu 4        jumbu 3        jumbu 2

Turning waste into elegance, designer Shubhi Sachan used industrial scrap to create her collection. The garments were minimal yet creative, using subtle colours such as delicate tones of gold, silver and cream. The intricate embellishments and fabric texturing extended a feminine feel to an indie look.



amrich 2       amrich 3       amrich 6

Displaying mastery of block printing, Ikat and Shibori, designer duo – Sayantan Sarkar and Soham Dave presented sustainable fashion using these techniques on organic fabrics with modern silhouettes. Flaunting a neutral colour palette and bold prints, the ensembles had an indie-chic vibe.



rps 1            rps 2           rps3

Incorporating casuals into sophisticated ensembles, this master of design takes layering to a whole new level. Pairing office formals and casual bottoms topped off with a variety of scarves, his collection speaks of class with a laid-back feel, focusing on a dapper hipster style.


Day 3

The third day of the gala not only escalated from neutral tones to a brighter palette, the star quotient was also on the rise. From Ritu Kumar and Falguni & Shane Peacock to promising new designers, Day 3 was high on star power and glitz.



ritu 1   ritu kumar (2)   ritu kumar

“Maharaja Pop’’ the collection by Label Ritu Kumar was a fusion of fabrics, craft and tradition. Befikre actor, Vaani Kapoor was the highlight of the show when she took to the runway sporting a gorgeous black dress. From floral prints to tiny skirts, maxi dresses, bodysuits and embroidered blouses, the compilation had it all.



peacock (2)  peacock 3   peacock

Falguni & Shane returned to show at Lakmé Fashion Week after six years with a bang. The duo’s magical collection left connoisseurs of fashion spellbound. Their collation titled “The Rebel’’ showcased 34 looks, which were inspired by the cons galaxy/constellation. The collection featured a range of colours from silver, grey, blue, black and nude to champagne, and was bathed in crystals, sequins and feathers. Bipasha Basu closed the show in a stunning gown, complete with embellishments and a gorgeous cape.



payal 3    payal singhal (2)    payal singhal

Payal Singhal who boasts of clientele across the globe unveiled her “LADY M’’ feature inspired by the dark romanticism of Agatha Christie’s murder mystery “Death on the Nile’’. She reintroduced the high society glamorous trends of the late 30s to the runway. The collection was all about lavish embellishments and floral motifs with Indian influences depicted through silver/gold Mukaish and pita work.



87841-MR4_4996        b4766-MR4_4786        f24a8-MR4_5314

Designers Sonam and Paras Modi for their label ‘SVA’ brought back the royalty from the British Raj era. The collection was inspired by the famous dancer “NOOR”, whose beauty was much talked about among the courtesans. The presentation was full of rich fabrics such as silk and satin as well as handcrafted embellishments of zardozi and pita work. The collection showcased a grand maroon lehenga, worn by actor Nimrat Kaur. The sheer extravagance created a grand style statement.



tag free 1    tag free 2    tag free

Day 3 saw a unique show, where India’s top 7 designers came together to present creations celebrating diversity. The show brought forth women from all walks of life who are labelled and stereotyped by society. The one of a kind show was a step to break the taboo of society and enable women to be happy and confident in their own skin.



7c541-IMG_0862         69012-IMG_0908         76290-IMG_0979

Narendra Kumar’s men’s wear collection was all about the coming-of-age look for the boy-turned-man. The collection saw a range of colours from neutrals to bright pops of hues, and deep toned maroon. It offered a variety of bomber and biker jackets along with easy blazers and jogger pants. To end the show in style, the irresistibly charming Rahul Khanna walked the ramp looking dapper in a navy blue embroidered jacket and fitted pants.


Day 4

Day 4 of Lakmé Fashion Week displayed a range of occasion-ready ensembles. From edgy and ethnic to feminine, the designers showcased flowy and elegant ensembles for both men and women.



amit gt 1      amit gt 2      amit gt 3

With this gorgeous collection of women’s party gowns and dresses, designer Amit proves that he’s a master at creating alluring gowns that would make any girl feel like a princess. Using mostly net and lace fabrics, the draped gowns feature intricate detailing and are the epitome of edgy femininity.



nishka 1       nishka 2      nishka 3

With talent that’s passed down through generations, designer Nishka Lulla is one to look out for. With this chic collection, the designer shows how to add a touch of sophistication to casual garments.  In solid shades of pink and subtle prints, you can see chic yet simple silhouettes.



kotwara 1   kotwara 2   kotwara 3

Displaying ethnic elegance at its best, Kotwara incorporates modern styles into traditional silhouettes. Showcasing subtle embroidery on ethnic bridal looks and adding texture to fabrics ranging from light to dark colours, the designs exhibit the beauty of Indian traditional attire.



tarun 1          tarun 2          tarun 3

Ranging from muted solids to bold prints, the design maven, Tarun Tahiliani, has mastered the art of fusion. The chic silhouettes of his designs showcase feminine styles with intricate detailing such as fabric texturing and draping.

tarun mens 2          tarun mens 3         traun mens 1

As for his men’s collections, intricate detailing similar to the women’s range was seen.  These ensembles displayed simplicity in colours, textures and designs, yet were distinctive.


Day 5

Day 5 was star studded and saw a plethora of celebrities, such as Tabu, Sushmita Sen, Malaika Arora Khan, Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur, walk the ramp as show stoppers for various designers.



Divya (2)           Divya (3)           Divya

Divya Reddy’s collection ‘Shahibzaadi’ was inspired from Mughal princesses and their royalty. The clothes were a mix of femininity and fantasy. It was a dreamy collection crafted from organic handloom fabrics.



Khanijo (2)   Khanijo (3)   Khanijo

Gaurav’s label ‘House of Khanijo’ presented his line “Summer Sojourn” representing a stylish yet understated style. High-waisted pants, waistcoats, jumpsuits etc. were seen in earthy and pastel shades.



Vineet_Rahul (2)  Vineet_Rahul (3)  Vineet_Rahul

Vineet-Rahul’s ‘Charcoal’ presented a feminine and romantic collection called “Gulnar”. Beautiful flora and fauna prints were seen on their garments. The compilation featured cropped pants, layered capes, appliqued maxi dresses etc. in pastel shades.



Anushree (2)  Anushree (3)  Anushree

Anushree Reddy showcased her signature wedding collection “An Indian Summer”. Beautiful floral prints in pastel shades of green and pink made for garments that were right out of a fairy tale.



Karn (2)   Karn (3)   Karn

Karn Malhotra’s collection “Bloom” started with crisp pantsuits and gradually changed to elegant evening gowns. A lot of asymmetric features were seen in his designs.



Gaurang (2)      Gaurang (3)      Gaurang

The “Muslin” collection by Gaurang Shah featured traditional wear in muslin, with an accent of gold detailing. The voluminous silhouettes and hand woven textiles made the entire range an unforgettable one.



Raamz (2)     Raamz (3)     Raamz

Raamz Design Studio’s line “Geo-Metron” was a mixture of earthy feeling and geometric vibes. Starting from the sleeveless shirts and long jackets to the cropped pants, every garment had sharp features in the silhouette.


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