What not to do on Valentines Day

February – it’s the month of love, the month of cupid throwing its arrows to the couples and in turn the couples posting “everything they do in Instagram”. The gifts, the surprises and their love for each other. Ok! We get it he got you a bucket full of roses and then placed a Tiffany’s  ring inside it. Yay, we are heppy for you, but we don’t want to know everything.

There are tonnes of blogs out their that will tell you, what all you should do on V-day in order to make it most memorable. The DIY gift ideas, creative ideas for couples, inventive recipes to whip on etc.

But nobody, will ever tell you what not to do. Therefore, I went around asking  people, as to what they think should not be done on Valentine’s Day.

So lets have a look at them, for everybody’s sake.

1. Complain about been single

Just to save you from the horror, its not all that bad to be single. I think its the best thing ever. Being single is far better than being in a bad relationship. Plus, think of all the fun stuff you could do. Just remind yourself this is another day. Best day that helps companies like hallmark make lots of money, even in the end of financial year.

Call your mom, tell her how much you love her, go celebrate love with your family rather than sulking at home. Call your single girlfriends and have a movie night with wine and great homemade food. Go shop for yourself, buy flowers for yourself. Do, everything that makes you happy.

2. Stuck in social media

For once, keep your phone aside and just indulge in yourself. Stop stlaking your ex, or your ex’s gf or your ex friend or your friends ex boyfriend. Give yourself a break from falling into the ditch of feeling worst. You dont wanna know who is doing what.

The same thing goes for the couples, stop using your phone and embrace the moments with your love. You dont have to feel bad by comparing you valentines day celebration with that fake couple on social media.

3. Over anticipating 

Do not over anticipate whats coming your way. Just take a deep breath and relax. You dont have to know everything your partner is planning for you. Stop overthinking. Everything will turn out good, only if you hold on to your expectation levels.

4. Red flowers, soft toys and anything heart shaped

Like seriously ? Do you know how expensive flowers are on valentines day ? Why do you want to waste anything so precious and beautiful for nothing. Soft toys ? Is your gf a 10 year old? Last, but definetly not the least heart shaped soap, candles , chocolates, candies, picture frames, tea bags you name it. Please stay away from them. They are too cliche and FYI the actual heart dosent even look like that.

5. Give them His and Her pillows, mix tape or a puppy


6. Pretend to be having a good time

As Valentines day is in the mid of the week. The only thing we all want to do after a busy day of work is lie on a bed and watch a nice a movie or read a book. 14th February dosent makes it compulsory for you to go out ( as the waiting list in restaurants are crazy ) and pretend to have fun, when all you want to do is have nice home cooked food with your love. Just do what makes you both happy.


7. Go on a blind date

Ummm… a big no. You rather spend the day alone or out shopping or eating alone. Than with a complete stranger.

8. Call your ex

Continuing my last point, if you are not allowed to go on blind dates, that dosent gives you a priviledge to call your ex. Some things are best left the way they are. Trust us!

9. Drink ( heavily )

Dont drink to forget your misery. Weather you are single or dating a cold guy who dosent care about your feelings. Sure, have nine or ten glasses of wine and go back to sleep on your couch at 9pm. But dont have ten shots of vodka and find yourself sobbing on the cold bathroom floor of a nightclub.

10. Doubt love

Again just because your are single on this so called Man-made love day, this dosent mean you doubt your capabilities of finding love at all. Love is about knowing that you have come so far alone perfectly fine and rocking and you know the other person that comes into your life will take your through perfectly fine from here on. Just have Patience and Faith and let nature do its work.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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