Mother’s Day Style Inspirations: What to Wear, What to Gift

Rudyard Kipling once said, “God couldn’t not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” There’s no denying that mothers are precious. In good times and bad, whether we are topping our class or moping over a bad day at work, they are always available and ready to help. Little wonder Mother’s Day is so very significant.

Though each day of the year could well be dedicated to maternal love, a day of special treats is always welcome. As designer Shillpa Purii says, “Mothers work all around the clock for us. This is one day to show your love and gratitude towards the beautiful lady.” Scroll down to see our Mom-special lookbooks for the day curated keeping in mind these amazing, superwomen who make our world go around.

Everyday Must-haves

Easy monochromes, bright accents, subdued prints, boho-chic accessories, metallic jewels, and minimal neutrals will make the cut on varied occasion. Keep these wardrobe staples handy.




Traditional Affairs

Embrace a mix of staple ethnics with modern cuts and colours. Move over elaborate Indianwear and pick from lighter fabrics, contemporary prints and patterns, and cuts. Traditional style doesn’t have to be OTT.



Elegant Glamour

Don’t shy away from trends. From the season’s hottest sequins and lace to classic black and animal prints, maternal style needs mingle effortlessly with edgy, glamorous aesthetics.




Our most beautiful life stories are always with our mother. Like this lovely story Aakash Barmecha, creative director of Yoube Jewellery shared with us. “After my gemmological studies were finished, almost 11 years ago, I was always on the hunt for new fine coloured stones to incorporate in my jewellery. One of my designs required a particular gemstone and I remembered having seen one just like that in my mother’s collection. Her gems were heirloom, exquisite stones that her late father (also a gem connoisseur) had passed down to her. I hesitantly asked her if I could use it. She happily got it out of the box and handed it to me, a gem worth millions to her without a question. That for me is motherly love. Simply because it’s unexplainable.” We couldn’t agree more.

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