Life after Lockdown: Conscious shopping

Lockdown has changed everyone’s life. Starting from losing jobs one after another to breaking down emotionally and mentally, we have all been there. However, while we go through these “break-ups” we have to keep our minds sane enough and start spending economically. 

Except grocery stores booming -no matter what, other businesses have gone down tremendously. Even renowned and established businesses have turned upside down. However, emerging start-ups have taken up the grip and started establishing new rules around people. On the other hand, only those renowned brands have survived who have found out new ways to keep their loyal customers. More than 50% of companies are suffering through losses. Everything started to feel just absurd.

The fashion world has changed drastically from “pop-up” one to a more elegant and subtle one. Agree or not, made in India has helped many small startups and businesses to boom. While they have taken up a pace, a normal family man still doubts before buying. Priorities have changed and people have started shifting towards more necessary and long terms items. Now is the time to change for the better. People improvise and survive. It’s time to go economical and stay safe (of course). In addition, people can easily browse the internet and search for a place like to compare prices and grab good deals from different products they want purchase.

While people are being conscious, here are a few things that they can keep in mind to make their shopping more conscious yet enjoyable.

3 necessary things to start conscious shopping

  1. Eco-friendly-

It’s high time to realize what’s pertinent, and what’s not. People should start looking for sustainable and long-term products. Gone are the days when fast fashion could suffice our basic lifestyle. It’s high time to start considering fabrics that won’t harm the environment anymore and can be worn for a long time.

  1. Startups- our only support

In a time where everyone is suffering, startups are suffering too. But, did you know startups have started been eco-friendlier and more financially friendly as well. Get out and look for all the local shops that you have been ignoring all this time. Trust me, you are not going to regret this decision.

  1. DIY

All these fame and name has kept us away from the basic living style. However, the lockdown was more like pushing us towards reality. Good part? You are definitely going to learn new things. Do-it-yourself videos have been in trend for a long time, and now is the time to start appreciating it. DIY is more economical and you are going to love the creative side of yours for sure.

In conclusion, hard times never go to waste. It definitely makes a person appreciate reality and enjoying the present moment than at any other time. Lockdown must have drained the economy and us emotionally as well but on the good side, humans have improvised and found out new ways to survive in this time through. It’s time to stay strong and spend wisely as you never know what may come next for you. Happy Wise Shopping!

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