What have the millennium years given us? Social Media Platforms! And Instagram is undoubtedly the star. Many men and women look up to ‘Instagram Influencers’ for #styleinspo and with a dozen of them popping up every day how does one stay on top of this megalomania? Well, it takes a little more than following the right hashtags and frequenting the explore page. It takes a keen eye and an even keener interested to narrow down on the few worth following. Here’s a list of our top five. Let’s start at home

Usaamah Siddique

This Bombay boy has moved well beyond the blogging/influencing scene by recently launching is label ‘The Dapper Label’. What I love about his style is the normcorishness of it all. Nothing too loud, nothing too out there, but always, always well put together with a standout touch.

Our Favs:

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.22.44 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.23.03 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.23.14 AM

Nikhil Pramila Kandhari

He’s a music producer, a content creator and a blogger all rolled into a super sleek package. What I love is the slightly left-of-center style and the newly minted silver mane.

Our Favs:

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.28.38 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.28.48 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.29.06 AM

Dan Pontarlier

Let’s be honest, I will always be biased towards fashion with a heart. Dan Pontarlier is all about style with sustainability and that’s the best kind really. What I  love about his style is that it is so versatile. No rules, no clichés.

Our Favs:

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.32.59 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.32.33 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.32.47 AM

Bloggers Boyfriend

His Instagram feed is #feedgoals. This anonymous blogger has a beautifully curated wardrobe that any minimalist will vie for. His minimal style makes a maximum statement. What I love about him, is that he’s got an eye for knitwear and a flair for muted tones, both done in a classy and crisp manner.

Our Favs:

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.36.58 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.36.34 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.36.10 AM

Yoslie Mariosa

Colourful, vibrant and versatile – this is how we’d describe this fashion maven. He can carry any style with ease and that beautiful fro only adds to his whole appeal. What I love about him is that he does laid back just as well as he does tailored.

Our Favs:

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.41.10 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.40.35 AM Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.39.57 AM

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