Indo–Western Outfits You Could Rock for the Wedding Season

Hello ladies!! The wedding season is just around the corner! For most of us that means time to get our desi style on! And why not? Indian weather only allows so much leeway to don yards of fabric, either it’s too cold, or too hot, but worry not. We got you covered with some easy part–desi, part–videshi outfit ideas. We’ll have you make more of a noise, than the baarat this season.

Outfit 1: Maxi Skirt + Anarkali kurta:

The key to this look is tons and tons of volume. We all have Anarkalis. I generally prefer a looser bottom to the traditional Churidar it is traditionally paired with. There are no rules really when it comes to pairing it. However, I recommend going for jewel tones mixed together – think emerald with sapphire blue, or even better metallic and nudes. When it comes to prints, the crazier the better.  Accessorize with a killer Maangtika and to pull out the big guns, finish off with blingy sneakers.

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Outfit 2: Saree + Bralet & Blazer:

Now really, the nine yards is the most versatile piece in any Indian wardrobe, there is no end to how you can style it, now we’ve all tried the shirt & saree or the crop top and saree combo. This season, I would like you to give the Bralet & Blazer a try. What better power statement? Add a bindi was extra oomph and some sexy heels.

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Outfit 3: Sheer Kurta as the naked dress:

Sheer kurta is the Indian staple, we have all owned one at some point in our life, and if you can’t find one, borrow one! What are friends for? The trick here is so simple, it’s pure genius, just wear a body suit under the kurta and see the hotness metre hit the roof! And if you like things on the down low, wear it with a bralet and jeans like the picture.

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Outfit 4: Dupatta Saree:

This one is a cheat code really, over any monochrome pencil pants and crop top combo just layer on an embroidered dupatta like a half saree, basically Pallu with two pleats and voila that’s all you need. Let Sonam Kapoor led the way, and show you how it’s done. We suggest mojris and a statement choker for extra brownie points!

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Outfit 5: Denim + Button Down Kurta / Anarkali Trench:

This one is the simplest by far, in the means of the efforts needs to wear and aesthetically. Just pair any front opening Kurta, Anarkali top with rugged ripped denims, we suggest the slouchier the better. It’s grungy and ‘Guni’ at the same time. What more can you ask for. Add some androgynous accessories and rule like the queen bee!

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Hope you guys find these ideas useful! Comment to let us know~ Until then, stay safe, stay prosperous!  

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