How To Wear Black

Black, the color that Men and Women swear by. In the initial days of the color black, in the West it was said to be the color of class and was only available to the higher authorities and in India it was considered the color of bad luck. But today people have evolved and black is found hanging in almost every closet.

I’ve come across so many people who own nothing but black! Reason being, some people like to go unnoticed and they simply don’t want to be the center of attention so black becomes an obvious choice. But how well does “black” suit us? Honestly as much as we love it, black is not the ideal color for Indian skin tones because it has a cool effect to it while we have the opposite, a warm skin tone. When you wear black, you will find signs of a stark skin tone, dark under eyes or pigmentation around lips more visible.

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But it’s so hard to forbid this color from your wardrobe so how do you wear it? For Men who only wear black the best way to start is trying to bring in other colors to your wardrobe. How to choose colors, see the reflection of a colored shirt on your face does it look dull or bright?  If it brightens your face then take it, if not leave it. Women can follow this too but another way that works like a miracle for any lady is obviously to use make up and wear a lipstick that really suits your skin tone and brightens it.

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A few other ways of wearing black is, wearing it on your bottom or wearing a black outer layer and a suitable color shirt beneath and if black exits in small elements of your shirt that works too. Of course there are times where you could definitely choose to wear all black but just make sure you’re also embracing more colors to your life, because black is empowering but also an overpowering color. So the next time you wear black, wear it smartly!

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