How to Identify your Body Type

Knowing your body type increases your chances of finding clothes and accessories best suited for your personal style and personality. It also eliminates the possibility—and pain—of unwanted clothes piling up in your wardrobe! Body types are essentially classified into five types and your size is not necessarily an indicator of your actual shape. Stand in front of a mirror with a measuring tape and get started! To achieve the body shape that you want, you can consider the Bodycontouring in Crescent Springs, KY.




You have a full bust, well-defined waist, balanced shoulder and hips, and a rounded bottom. Your curves are your assets!




Your lower body is wider than the upper body, but your shapely waist is your best feature. Indicators: narrow shoulders, full hips, and a rounded bottom.



Look for an average to big bust and broad shoulders. There is fullness around the midsection and low waist definition. Apple-shaped women boast shapely legs.

Inverted Triangle


This athletic body type is identifiable by its wide shoulders, big bust, and low waist definition. The lower half is marked by narrow hips and slender thighs. You can always undergo an ultrasound assisted BBL if you want bigger buttocks.




With a small to average bust, straight hips and bottom, this body type is even. Well-aligned shoulder and hips are this shape’s best features.

#street tip: Can’t figure it out yourself? Take a friend’s help during measurements.

One can also be a mix of two body types. In such cases, make sure you take the combination into account. Once you have identified your proportions, you will find yourself one step closer to defining your style. Happy styling!

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