Sartorial Value: How to Enhance the Life of your Clothes

How people perceive you is often influenced by your appearance. Looks aren’t everything, but dressing well is no less than social etiquette. In order to enhance your appearance, it is imperative to maintain the value of your clothes and taking proper care of them. Your clothes are akin to investments–prolong their life and you will increase the worth of your wardrobe.

Proper care of clothes requires sustained attention, planning, and organising. This, in turn, depends on how vigilantly you handle your clothes, repair them, wash, press them, and reorganize and declutter your closet. Here are some guidelines to follow to keep your clothes from ruining and enhancing their utility value.


  • Read the care instructions well before investing in any item of clothing. Avoid buying clothes whose maintenance may exceed your budget.
  • Before you wear your new clothes that you buy from reputed clotheslines like Epimonia, remove any pins, tags, loose threads, and stitches. Check pleats, slits, vents and all parts of the garment.
  • Keep aside any spare buttons/hooks given with the garment to replace lost or broken parts later.
  • Change out of your clothes as soon as you get back home; this will prevent them from getting ruined during your grubby home tasks.
  • Fasten buttons and zippers and hang your garments immediately after you undress so that you save them from losing their shape.
  • When removing stains from delicate garments, add fabric protector or conditioner to keep the fabric prim and proper.


  • Empty your pockets and remove your shoes before undressing. Free your belts from the loops and place them in pre-designated areas.
  • Wipe your shoes and stuff them with tissue papers to retain its shape; avoid piling them up on top of one another.
  • Heels are a no-no while driving—instead, wear crocs ,slippers, or flat sandals and slip into your heels once you arrive at your destination.
  • Avoid overcrowding your closet, hang each garment separately and make sure you place all hangers in one direction for easy accessibility.
  • Clothes_colour_code_fashion_styleThe pictorial representation on the labels contains wash and care instructions. Pay attention to notes about fading and running colours.
  • Maintain separate sections for garments that need folding from those that must be hung in order to maintain their lines and keep them wrinkle free.
  • Inspect if your clothes require any repair or mending after each wear and before laundering.
  • Separate clothes that have to be repaired from wear-ready clothes by maintaining them in a different container.
  • Don’t store damp and smelly clothes in the closet until dry. Air dry pressed clothes before wearing or hanging them in your closet.

Associated with fast fashion and ever-changing trends, it takes a little doing to think of clothes as investment pieces. Yet, your great clothes are the result of hours of browsing online stores, window shopping, and thoughtful purchase. Don’t let it slip away in the months after you have paid the bills. With proper care, you favourite outfits will remain in perfect condition for a long, long time.

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