What’s In: About Fashion Trends


Once upon a time, there were straight-cut flared trousers. Then there were headbands, the glorification of hippies, something to do with a certain popstar, and other things that came and went in the blink of an eye. Fashion trends, as we call them, come and go with every season.

The pace of change in fashion is so furious that nothing can be accounted for as being even semi-permanent. It may be fringe, hair emojis, and cold shoulder tops today, but before you know it, they are old news and you are left staring at the little things that have accumulated in your closet while they were still “in vogue”. There is an array of websites dedicated to tell you what is trending, and what it is that you are missing out, churning out the newness of today and disposing the old of yesterday.

The problem does not lie with following trends. After all, they are carefully researched on, spotted after vivid observations, and projected in the world of fashion so that we can all make our lives a little easier.  The problem lies in our tendencies to go about our lives forgetting our individuality and confirming to trends, sometimes to such a great extent that it costs us more than money. A certain popular website might tell you how taupe is the next “it” colour, and voila! Your closet will reflect the trend by the end of the week. Trendy as it sounds, this vicious cycle is bound to take a toll on your individuality in the long run.

What is it that you are, how do you want to dress, and do you really even like taupe?  The next time you read about a trend, remember that a lot has got into its making, but also remember that it is a suggestion, not something to be forced. Yves Saint Laurent famously said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Perhaps it’s all right to not admire taupe, after all.

Images: Courtesy AlibabaEtsyFashion Forward Trends; Lyst; Unsplash

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