Game Changer: Akshay Kumar


Name Akshay Kumar

Line of Work Actor

Body Type Rectangle. This Bollywood star is a subtle display of athleticism and strength.

Personal Style Grunge meets sporty, though Kumar goes the classic route when dressing up for special events.

Resumé Making his debut in 1991, Kumar’s breakthrough came with the Khiladi (player) movies, a title that extended beyond his filmography to his personality. With a background in martial arts, the actor whose real name is Rajiv Bhatia, carved a niche for himself with his stunning action sequences and penchant for humour.

While his movies in the Nineties showed off his action skills, the last decade has seen him emerge as a bonafide star with multiple blockbuster movies to his credit, including the recently acclaimed hits Baby (2015) and Airlift (2016).

Style Chart Tall, fit, and superbly handsome, Kumar’s sartorial sense is marked by distinct looks. Whether it’s an Armani tux or unexpectedly colourful separates, he carries off contrasting ensembles with effortless panache. This man makes looking good so simple!

His rugged attitude made Kumar a sure pick for Levi’s Jeans, an endorsement that may well have been his first major breakthrough in fashion. Over the years, his movies have shown keen attention to style, from a kitschy look in Tashan to Singh Is Bling’s fusion style.

Looks we Love Kumar’s tough guy looks have been a style statement in many movies but nowhere more than Khatron Ke Khiladi (Season 1) where he completed his salt and pepper haired look with grungy hoodies, scarves, and ankle-length boots to personify the show’s edgy vibe.

Amping it up for red carpet events, Kumar usually picks a suit. When it comes to casual events however, he makes a dashing case for laidback ensembles ranging from slouchy trousers to solid tees.

In an industry obsessed with appearances, Kumar shows that looking great has little to do with established notions. Add that million dollar smile to the mix and you have a winner. 

Images: Esquire Netherlands; Gaea Times; Get Movie Info; Indian Express; Pinterest; Starfriday

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