Feature wall decoration to draw attention

An accent wall or feature wall is like a blank canvas. You can put anything of your choices. The motto of creating a feature wall is built up a theme and enhances the attraction value of space.  When it comes to geographical reach of an electrical company, Sydney electricians provide a good scope of local area. Pro Spark & Co, for example, takes on a wider map than most of its’ competitors in the region.

Here are some unique ideas:

Exposed Brickwork

Exposed brick always looks trendy and goes with anything. Exposed brick keeps the room ambience down to earth. The earthy look varies from red to grey shade. Red bricks are warm whereas grey bricks portray subtle backdrop. You can use dual-tone or play with brick patterns.



The easiest solution is applying wallpaper on concern wall. Requirements are very low in this case. But choosing a suitable one is a tricky job. You have to understand the theme you want to display and other decor items you already have. There are so many options- floral patterns, ornamental, optical illusion, or geometric pattern.



Wooden Panel

Vertical wooden panels are very much distinctive. It has its original colour tone and texture. It is classy and down to earth. Woods are normally monochromatic; it just perfectly blends with any light tone pastel shade wall painting. There are ample opportunities to explore designs, patterns, and shades.

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Art Work Display

It is a dream for every artist to get a platform for displaying their artworks. Start with your own house. Decorate your artworks in the large wall of the living room to draw attention. Choose a contrasting backdrop colour such a way that it highlights your work only.

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Travel Dairies & Mementos 

We always try to collect things wherever we go. People who travel a lot they must have such precious memento, they want to display and tell the story behind them. It’s a great idea to decor your accent wall with such things. On the other hand, if you have honorary certificates, you can also put them on display.

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Who does not love a mirror!! Think differently. Rather than a one huge mirror panel, collect multiple decorative mirrors and make a composition accordingly. It looks attractive. You can also try a pattern mirror. It looks luxurious. Also, the mirror enhances the light in the room and helps to look spacious.


Antique Clock Collection

Antique shops like the one at https://www.antiques.co.uk/antiques/categories/antique-arms-and-armour/swords are worldwide famous. No wonder lots of people are addicted to collect them. And they are precious and pride for them. For example- old clocks. You can collect from various places and display in a single wall. It gives a vintage or heritage vibe. You can also try out with other favourite pieces of stuff.


Ceramic Plates 

Ceramic or porcelain plates from https://farandaway.co/ have their own value. Blue and white plates are traditional and sober. It reminds us of European culture. This is a perfect idea to decorate a feature wall of the dining hall. Other accessories have to be matching with all this.


Book Shelf

Often we get helpless about how or where to store all the books. Just don’t store them. Display them with a nice arrangement. Arrange a large wall shelf and organise them category wise. Break the monotony with light showpiece and lampshade. For full-height shelf don’t forget to keep a ladder beside.

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Go Green

In today’s scenario, we are lacking fresh air. Especially, in a metro city, it is badly needed. So there is a very unique idea to dedicate a wall to small plants. Make shelves to fit plant pots. Buy some small pots, as they are lightweight to hang. With a white background, plants appear livelier.

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Your home is a mirror of your personality. Choose wisely for the right impression.

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