Everyday Icons: Lookbooks Inspired By Top Style Bloggers

Hey there, fashion lovers! Looking for some sartorial inspiration and wondering why style icons couldn’t be a little more relatable? Celebrities are always good reference, but not all of us take to the red carpet on a weekly basis. Couldn’t we find our influencers among those whose lives aren’t (very) different from us, who would inspire us with their unique everyday style?

Enter the world’s best-dressed bloggers. Followed by millions via their websites and social media, an army of fashionable men and women have emerged as bona fide icons. Check out two of our favourite fashion bloggers who inspire us to stay stylish every day.

 Negin Mirsaleni

Mirsaleni, an Amsterdam resident who runs an eponymous blog, is a fashion force to reckon with. Take for instance, her Instagram account thronged by over three million followers and counting. The management student decided to follow her passion for style, showcasing an elegant style sensibility with a hint of edginess. Despite her super sophisticated style persona, one look at those selfies with her besties and she seems a lot like it. Her collaborations with brands like L’Oréal, Dior, and Lancome and line-up of awards only adds to her credentials. She is the creator of Gisou, a honey infused oil, which has its own loyal clique among her followers.


Shop the look: Topshop, Lipsy, Lakme, Office, Comme des Garçons


Shop the look: New Look, Topshop, Diane von Furstenberg, Chanel NO. 5 Lakme Lip Color

Adam Gallagher

Having started blogging at the age of 17, as an after-school activity, it wasn’t long before this young influencer was aiding men around the world with styling tips, trend forecasts, and inspiring images.


Shop the look: Topman, Jigsaw, New Look, Next


The Californian turned New Yorker’s blog I Am Galla, derived from his last name, is the quintessential dapper dictionary. Gallagher blends a laidback West Coast style with East coast slick in an approachable manner. Little wonder his effortless looks have won collaborations with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio Armani, and Mont Blanc.


Shop the look:  Topman, Ray Ban, Jaeger, Men’s At Dune, River Island, Next, Blacksmith, harvieandhudson Giorgio Armani

Inspired with their sense of style, these lookbooks will help you replicate their #ootd with ease. Always well-turned out, these bloggers testify to the age-old adage—style truly comes from within.

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Images: Courtesy PR shots; Negin Mirsaleni ; I Am Galla


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