How to dress stylish, while still being modest?

Whether your religion, tradition or culture encourages it or you just don’t like to flaunt it, there is no reason you can’t be stylish and trendy, while being covered.

Modest clothing calls for high-necks, layers, longer hems and minimum skin showing. That’s doesn’t mean you must compromise on your style.

Here are a few tips on how to look stylish and yet maintain your modesty.


Layers are your best friends. Layering makes any outfit stylish. Opt for leather jackets, trench coats, long capes, kimonos. There are n-number of outer wear, that makes you look elegant and trendy at the same time.

Higher Necklines

Higher necks are the best way to stay stylish without showing any skin. Say ‘Hi’, to classic turtle necks and crew necks, that covers your collar bones and more. If you are open to showing a little skin, you could also try out scoop necks, boat neck or petite V-necks.


Let’s dispel the myth about fits. Covering up your modesty, doesn’t mean you always wear baggy, unflattering clothes. While you keep it covered, don’t compromise on fit. Baggy fits, straight fits and skinny fits, are all must haves in your closet. Keep proportions in check by pairing with loose tops, (frills, boho, kimono) and vice-versa.

Stay Up to date

Always keep updated with the latest trends and what is in fashion. Take a cue from fashion blogs & magazines, to keep your look current. Choose modestly cut pieces in trending colors and finer fabrics. Add a touch of something interesting like a statement accessory. Keep it fresh, by adding on a combination of classic and fashion, accessories and jewelry.

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