Dress Rehearsal: The Importance of Fittings

New clothes can make you feel like a million bucks. But getting your hands on a gorgeous outfit isn’t enough—the right fit is the real secret. In order to know how the dress feels on your body, a dry run of your new goodies is the most sartorially smart decision you can make. Here are some guidelines to follow while conducting a dress rehearsal.


In Preparation

  • Try the outfit in front of a full-length mirror. Pick a room with natural light or warm white lights.
  • Stand about eight feet away from the mirror for a good view of the outfit from all angles.
  • Also keep appropriate innerwear, accessories, and footwear. Makeup is optional but useful if you are prepping for a big event.
  • Walk, bend, sit, and stretch yourself; make sure the outfit is comfortable no matter what you do.
  • Focus on the neckline, shoulders, upper back, chest, bust, waistline, sleeves, and seam lines to ensure best the best fit.
  • Things to keep handy: bra extenders and multi-way convertors, invisible straps, tissues, and fitting clips.

Fitting Standards

Now comes the most important feature—the fitting. Follow these basic standards to know what’s right and wrong with your choice of garment.

  • Your innerwear should not reveal any discomfort or bulging areas.
  • Nothing shows sloppy fitting more than wrinkles on your outfit. If your outfit has fine lines, let it be.
  • Your dress should have a gap of 1 to 1½ inch and allow easy movement.
  • Ensure that the fabric rests smoothly and frames your body without any crumpling.
  • Your shoes should be frictionless and feel smooth and snug on the sides. The arch of your foot should match that of the shoes so your heels stay put while walking.

Final Fixes

Once you’ve finished your rehearsal, complete the fine details for an impeccably fitted outfit on the main day.

  • Spot a loose thread? Snip it off.
  • Repair loose buttons, stitches, hooks and loops.
  • Reposition buttons if needed for a more comfortable wear.
  • Make sure your shoulder pads assume your natural shape. Remove them entirely if not necessary.
  • Correct your sleeve length—hem, roll, or pushing it up to make sure your elbows have sufficient room to move.
  • Make sure you get these and any other repairs done in advance.

Follow these rules and fixes and feel your self-confidence soar in the perfect outfit for the day.

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Images: Courtesy A Trendy Life; JB SuitsPhilips Russia; Shutterstock.

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