The fashion scene is becoming more and more democratic by the day with fashion magazines being replaced by fashion blogs. It all started in 2009, with the advent of fashion blogging in India, and in 2011 Jeremy Cabral joined the bandwagon and has since carved a niche for himself. His Instagram handle @fmwdotcom, has over 44k followers and he is considered a fashion opinion maker. Here’s a tete–a- tete with the man himself.


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1. What’s your first sartorial memory?

I still remember my first style shoot with Arrow Imprints collection. It felt so liberating to know that I have become a force that would influence customers to actually purchase from this particular brand. And of course, after that there was no turning back.

2. When did you start blogging and what was the inspiration behind it?

I ventured into the world of fashion blogging for one purpose–to share simple and easy-to-follow style guides for the modern Indian man and woman. It’s great to see that many resonate with this thought of mine, and has earned me plenty of followers and likes on tiktok. Today, my brand page has worked with some of the most premium brands in the country.

3. What would you describe your personal style as?

That would be classic, yet comfortable.

4. If you could give three styling tips to men, what would they be?

Firstly, don’t follow trends blindly. See what suits your body type and personality. Secondly, never, ever ignore your hairdo. I have noticed men simply gel or wax their hair and then head out. I suggest you experiment with hair cuts, hair treatments to make it look healthy and dapper. Lastly, accessorize!


5. Who are your fashion icons?

I love Gabriel Macht for his impeccable style, Johnny Depp for his versatility; and Ranveer Singh for his eccentricity when it comes to dressing. They are my trinity.

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L to R: Gabriel Macht & Johnny Depp

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6. Did you have any fashion disaster phases?

Yes, too many to mention. My worst would be wearing a pair of socks with loafers, white satin shirt to office, and also mixed-and-matched too many colours in the same look.

7. How do you think menswear fashion has evolved?

I feel menswear today has a lot to do with evolved sensibility towards style, trends. To say that men never dressed up is a lie; traditionally men too have spent a fair amount of time in front of the mirror. Today, fashion is more accessible and mentality has evolved. Men experiment a lot more now.


8. What’s your styling mantra?

Be yourself. Your fashion sense must reflect your personality.

9. Your no-fail grooming tips?

Undone is well-done.

10. Classic or Kitsch?

Classic, any day.


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