Ali Fazal is one of the leads in the British-American film Victoria & Abdul, which depicts the relationship of Queen Victoria (Judi Dench) and her confidant, Indian servant Abdul Karim (Fazal). The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and will be released in India on 13th October, 2017.

Ali Fazal made his Bollywood debut with a special appearance in 3 Idiots (2009) and he next appeared in Always Kabhi Kabhi (2011). His first success came in Fukrey (2013) and was seen in a supporting roles in films; Baat Ban Gayi (2013), Bobby Jasoos (2014) and Sonali Cable (2014). He played the leading role in the horror Khamoshiyan (2015) followed by his first American film Furious 7 (2015).

He is one of the few Bollywood actors to successfully cross over into international films.


Elanstreet interviews him on fashion, his personal style and his new movie Victoria & Abdul. (Above Image Source)

How important is fashion to you?

Fashion being the language of the times we live in, i think its the one freedom of speech we will always call our own. Its generational and important. Every piece of clothing on this earth has had a thought put into it by professionals at some stage. It has been in fashion and trendy, at some stage. And so like art it can never grow old . It just changes.

What look do you feel the most stylish in?

I love my denim jacket on denim jeans. With a white T-shirt inside and boots. It does the job for me.

In terms of style, what do you find attractive in a woman?

When you say that, it feels like I am sizing up a woman with no clothes and commenting on assets.. so, with all sexism aside, I feel a woman’s style lies in her shoes and hair. Short tall , large or small.. it doesn’t matter as long as you pull the shoes off, and keep the grooming right.

 Which are your favorite brands?

Valentino, Burberry, Levis, Ferragamo, Aldos, Raybans, Tods, Alexander Mc Queen, its endless.. also anything vintage. Shorditch high street london, has me going boho all the time.

Ali Fazal is a successful cross over actor, who has worked in Bollywood & internationally :Image Source

In your new movie ‘Victoria & Abdul’, the costume design is very elaborate…did you enjoy the process of being styled into Abdul ?
The costuming was a production on it own. The documentary that never got made. Consolata Boyle – the maestro behind the artful clothing is one of a kind. The person and her vision reflects in the film. I went through elaborate sessions with the costumes. The fittings itself were very detailed. Hours of fittings and measurements to recreate the style and the folds of those times. Everyday on set I’d be stitched into the clothes, because the modern hooks would not be allowed to be caught on camera. The detailing was truly unmatched. Every costume fits differently, every material must have an effect. These are just a few examples of how we approached the clothing in the film. It was the biggest factor in getting me into character. And most importantly… keeping me in it.
Ali Fazal is one of the leads in the new movie about Queen Victoria and her Indian butler, Abdul :Image Source
Any fun or interesting fashion memory from shooting the film?

I remember one of our first schedules was in Scotland, I was warned about midgies. I thought, that they couldn’t be worse than our good ole mosquitoes in India. But these things turned out to be piranhas in the air and are hardly visible . Judi and I were constantly in fight mode trying to beat them down. It was hilarious . We were sitting for an intense scene and we’d end up slapping ourselves randomly in the middle of a take.

Dame Judi Dench and Ali Fazal from a scene from the film Victoria & Abdul :Image Source

What’s your favorite accessory?

Sun glasses

Any grooming product that you use often?

Uppercut wax and Sea salt spray.

Which trend do you particularly dislike and why?

Not really, maybe thick sweat shirts with no collars. Hehe.

Ali Fazal channels his style icons Ryan Reynolds & Brad Pitt : Image Source

Any celebrity whose style you admire

Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt .


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