Clean and Clear: How to detox your wardrobe

New Year is old news—it’s almost a week into January—and we are on our way back to the work desk and the daily grind. As post-holiday trauma rides high, we are counting on our detox resolutions to see us through. What’s on top of our list? A cleanse for our wardrobe. Fashion resolutions work only when you have a closet filled with pieces you love. Choose one or all of our failsafe de-clutter rules will give your wardrobe a penny-wise makeover.


The 80:20 Strategy

Studies suggest that we only use 20% of our clothes for 80% of days. So really, a white shirt, basic topwear, a LBD, dark jacket, jeans, sleek trouser, and essential accessories will have you covered. Keep five special outfits, such as a jumpsuit, a maxi, and something shimmery for special occasions. Repeat this every few months till you have a brand new wardrobe.

 The Basic Three

Our go-to tidy up rule: the best of three. Whether you pick dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts, footwear, stick to the number. Throw in a scarf, add some pearls, and you have fresh ways to wear the same pieces!  It’s a space and time saver, and the perfect opportunity to emulate those minimalist Pinterest style ideas you’ve been eyeing.

Swap With Friends

What are best friends for? You may have been sharing laughs and secrets, so why not swap clothes and accessories too? Lend and borrow, or do an exchange—you wear their stuff and they wear yours. It’s a win-win for both of you. After all, friends who swap stuff stay together forever. Add this one to your BFF goals!

Sell The Guilt

Bought a fancy purse but haven’t used it once? How about that silk dress that has been lying around for ages? Or that cutout jumpsuit that you swore to wear last summer but haven’t touched? If you don’t use it and probably never will; consider selling them. gently used items have many takers and your re it and it may be put to good use.

Pack Away The Sparklers

With few holidays in the forthcoming months, we recommend that you put away your bling and maximal resortwear. They have seen their share of celebrations. Not that we suggest you eschew glamour, but swap the vacation swag for pastel separates or a little white dress. Let’s go classic!

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