Birthday Gifts For Her To Save You!

Giving a gift is an art. Not all of us are masters of it. Every year, before your girlfriend’s birthday, you pray to the mighty Internet god to give you an idea for what to gift your special one. And every year, you settle with something that is generic and your girlfriend is happy that she even got a gift from you. This year will not be the same. You are going to gift her something personal, something beautiful and something that she loves.

Giving a gift is not easy, but it is not rocket science either. The first step to a better gift giving is to decide what type of gift you are going to give her and how much you are willing to spend on it. If you can afford to spend more, you can go for jewellery. If your budget is limited, you can go for handmade gifts or have a personalised birthday cake made at Anges de Sucre.

Let’s take the first case. If you are going for jewellery articles, you need to do a little bit of detective work. Find out how much she prefers wearing jewellery. While it is true that every girl loves jewellery of done sort, not all of them prefer the same type of jewellery. Some prefer simple, dainty and elegant designs while some are more open to experimenting with bold and chunky designs. Not only that, jewellery is made from different metals like gold, platinum, and silver. That makes precious jewellery come in an array of colours, owing to different metals as well as their combinations. It would be best if you can find out what type of metal and what colour your girlfriend seems to prefer.


The best birthday jewelry you can give her is something with her birthstone on it. Gift her pendant with her birthstone and see what her reaction is! You can also get them an Elite shungite pendant, a studded ring or a bracelet. Depending on the month they were born, their birthstone changes. If their birthstone is a diamond, good for them! They are going to get really lucky. Look for diamond designs online and make a note of the collections and prices. Long earrings have become a huge trend these days. You can also check if they are your partner’s personal style.

If your partner is more utility-oriented, you can get her a genuine leather card holder for women or a clutch. A clutch or a wallet is traditionally a gift given to a man, but the notion was because men were considered the bread-earning partner. A lot more women are career-oriented these days and earn their bread. When you gift her wallet or clutch, it shows that you appreciate her having her own career, which, in turn, will make her appreciate you more.

If your budget is low and you are quite into arts and craft, you can make her a handmade card. It sounds a little old-fashioned and is a perfect gift for someone who appreciates old-school romance. Speaking of old-fashioned, there is yet another gift that has become so rare these days. Maybe that is because of technological advancements, but mix-tapes are the most romantic gift one can give a girl. You can pick the technological equivalent nowadays and mix some songs you want to dedicate to her.

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