Spotlighting Bangalore’s Street Style Stars


What is gorgeous? A dose of confidence, a sense of poise, not to mention a great outfit of the day—being gorgeous is really about being comfortable in your own skin. Team élanstreet took to the streets in a quest to discover Bangalore’s street style stars. We met people from all walks of life, models to teachers, ladylike to bohemian. The common factor among all of them—they embrace their personal style and #stepout in style.

Style isn’t just for celebrities and supermodels. We found our fill of style icons all around us, in all shapes, sizes and colours. And isn’t this what being gorgeous is really all about?


Share pictures that capture your personal style and makes you unique with the hashtags #stepoutwithelan and #iamme and don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

Photographs: Soumyadip Chakrabarti & Pallabi Majumdar | Style Direction: Anamika Chanda | Editor: Sohini Dey

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