How do I pair my ties with my shirts?


Matching your tie to your shirt can be pretty easy upon understanding the concepts of proportion, size, colour and pattern.



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Do’s: Choose a contrasting colour to be paired up with your shirt. Play safe by picking up solid or lightly patterned ties.

Don’ts: To Avoid a lot of attention, stay clear of bold colours.



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Do’s: Patterned ties work well with solid coloured shirts. Such as a bold tie pattern like paisley print or diagonal stripes paired with a  light gingham check shirt.

Don’ts: Make sure to avoid choosing patterns that are similar to the pattern of your shirt.


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Do’s: Play it safe by opting for a medium width tie, making sure that the bottom of the tie does not exceed 3”. This size works well for all body types.

Don’ts: Avoid using extra slim or wide ties. This may cause imbalance in your body proportions.



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Do’s: While tying your tie, make sure that the wide end exceeds 12 inches below the narrow end, ending exactly at your belt buckle.

Don’ts: Avoid looking dowdy with your tie ending above or below your belt.

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