Aquarius : The Hippie

The revolutionaries of the Zodiac, the season of Aquarius calls for independence and peace. People born in this sign are idealists, love humanity and common fellowship. Going back to the history of fashion, the psychedelic sixties have been recognized as the age of Aquarius. The time when the free spirited youth were challenging human sexuality, women’s right and traditional mode of authority.

People born with strong Aquarius in their chart are, born activists and leaders. They are open to trying new things and their love for music is undying. They are highly independent and prefer to rely on themselves.

We can see the same streak when it comes to fashion. Aquarius are the hippies of the zodiac and hardly care what people think of them.

Aquarius women have a hint of androgynous style to their look. You will see them with crop cuts, trouser suits and a touch of masculine features ( strong jawlines ). An Aquarius woman will not follow the basic norms of the society and will breaks herself free, which is very much visible in her sense of style. She will have pieces in her wardrobe that you will not find anywhere else. She loves something blue and pink, and her hippie jewelry. She is the girl who will own some tech stuff in her wardrobe.

An Aquarius man dresses for who he is and he will never shy away from expressing what he believes in. You will often see him dressed for the sub-group he belongs to. Like Aquarius women, the men love colors and are bold enough to show them off like a peacock. He often dresses to set himself apart. He will not think twice to try on an androgynous style, especially if it is worn by both the sexes.

The Aquarius Woman

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The Aquarius Man

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