7 secret habits of well groomed men

There is a reason why men need to have and follow a grooming routine when it comes to taking good care of skin and hair. Just like how a good car needs its yearly dose of polish and wax to look sparkling good, the hair and skin in humans need constant maintenance to look fantastic. And here are the 7 secret habits well groomed men follow and have in common, which makes them seem so irresistible.

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Taking care of nails as a routine

Long nails look like a disaster on men. In men, when they roll up their sleeves for working, the longer nails tend to get dirty along, while also increasing their chances of breaking off. When nails are cut off, not only the dirt can be kept at bay, even the chances of nails breaking can be avoided. To cut the nails, SNS Nails reviews and other reviews suggests that men should use small nail clippers. The small nail clippers cut the nails more easily and precisely. Besides they also reduce the chances of cutting off too much. Men can even go for manicures to keep the nails looking fresh, while ensuring that they are cleaned thoroughly.

A stylish hair speak 1000 Words

When hair is well groomed, it adds stars to your personality. In fact, it is an absolute essential. Just like one should not go to a meeting in pajamas, one should absolutely not step out of the house with unruly hair. Men should make use of different products to style their hair. Some of the commonly used products to keep the hair in place include hair gels, creams and wax. However, men need to take care that the product they use should not cause hair damage. Brylcream and L’Oréal are some of the most popular brands which add a lot of oomph to the hair.

A clean face is the centre of attraction

Well-groomed men always ensure that their face looks clean. And this, they do it by washing their face as often as possible. The best way to clean the face is to make use of a natural soap and moisturizing it later on. When the face is deep-cleaned and massaged on a daily basis, the sweat, dirt and the oil build up on the face can be avoided which prevents the pimples and acne from developing on the face. And while you follow this routine of cleaning, you should also get a scrub done every week, to ensure great results. Frequent facials are also an important part when it comes to keeping the face clean and making you look great. Ideally, facials need to be done once every month to relax and clean cheek muscles & reduce the stress lines.

Master the art to cheat the sun

Exposure to sun is one of the main reasons for premature ageing. Besides, long term exposure also raises the risk of skin cancer. Men, who are well-groomed, always wear a sunscreen before they step out of their houses. They don’t just restrict this to the beach, but use the product on a day to day basis. And most men think that sunscreen should be worn, only under the sun. However, sunscreen is equally important during winters and evenings. The UV rays from the sun penetrate deep into the layers of the skin causing skin damage. With sunscreens, the UV rays get absorbed, keeping the skin healthy and away from exposure. You need to invest in a great moisturizer which offers a decent sun protection. You may use sunscreens like Malin + Goetz SPF30 Face Moisturiser or Anthony Facial Moisturiser SPF30 for complete sun protection.

A signature smell gives an edge from the rest 

This is one of those grooming tip which is invisible. Every man must invest in the right cologne to smell good. And by using cologne, does not mean putting too much of it, that people turn in their tracks and start noticing! It should be such that the fragrance is subtle! Besides, you should not have a large collection of average quality perfumes, from among which you choose one randomly. You should rather have a couple of scents which really smell good, and can become your signature. Typically spicy, herb and woody scents work really well during winters and light and citrus smells are more suited for summers and spring. Some of the most popular perfumes include Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein.

They are regular at the barber’s

You should book an appointment with the barber every 4 weeks and you should stick to it. Most men wait for the hair to grow long and then they decide to trim the hair. Basically, if you notice that you need a haircut; other people would have noticed that too. Hence, it is important to be proactive, than reactive when it comes to a haircut. Besides, it can even avoid the anxiety drama of having a messed up haircut.

Manage the facial fuzz

Facial hair is something which simply cannot be ignored. You should either shave your beard or keep it well maintained. Pick up a good trimmer or a shaver and style yourself well. You may use a Panasonic Trimmer to style your beard.

These are the 7 secret habits of well-groomed men, which you should absolutely follow, if you wish to leave a lasting impression on people.

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