6 Easy Tips To Look Presentable Everyday

According to the Collins dictionary, “presentable” is defined asif you say that someone looks presentable, you mean that they look fairly tidy or attractive”. Now, who doesn’t like a tidy and attractive individual? If you look presentable, people around you- your peers, colleagues, employers- will always perceive you in good light. A well- put together person is more likely to be confident than others.

Looking presentable does not mean wearing expensive brands and splurging a lot of money to groom yourself. Instead, focusing on small details can make all the difference. While how you are as a person, how you perform at work and how you deal with life are of primary importance, making efforts to improvise on your physical presentation will only add to your value.

Your Outfit

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Select an outfit which looks good on you. Always wear clothes which complement your body type. Also keep in mind the occasion you are dressing up for. If you don’t have the natural streak to mix and match outfits, go for simpler options. Choose basic colours. Clothing accessories like stockings can give your outfit a sophisticated look while a corset can cinch in your waist and make you look smarter.

You can even refer to style guides, online lookbooks, magazines, celebrity styles for new ideas. Always wear stain- free, crisp and well- ironed clothes.

Body Language

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The way you hold yourself speaks volumes about your personality. A confident person will always have a good posture- shoulders thrown back, chest out, head held high. Be it a standing or a sitting position, you should never slouch or hunch. Imagine that the top of your head is slightly being pulled up by a thread- this way you will always remember to stay erect.

Also never be ‘too loud with your gestures’ or your tone. Stay composed and calm, as it is a sign of maturity.


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Timely grooming is important to look fresh, hygienic and of course, presentable. Small details like trimmed nails, tamed hair and oral hygiene can make more difference than you actually think. Other obvious steps like taking a morning shower everyday and wearing clean clothes also matter the most.


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Your approach towards other people matters a lot too. Thus, both verbal and non- verbal communication, etiquette, proper greetings can also influence your presentation rating. When you treat others with respect, you are automatically seen in the positive light. Be conscious of your movements always.

Get A Good Night Sleep

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An adequate 8 hours sleep is recommended for everybody. The body needs proper rest to repair and get ready for the next day. You should be fresh to take on any sort of work- be it mental or physical. A proper sleep is also important to look fresh. Get your zzz’s to keep dark circles, dizziness, tiredness and an unproductive behaviour at bay.

A Healthy Lifestyle

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Always lead a good lifestyle to look healthy, attractive and active. Eat fresh, drink plenty of fluids and indulge in regular physical activities. People who eat junk food and don’t take care of themselves visibly look unhealthy and un-presentable. Dull skin, un-ideal weight, dark circles, brittle hair and nails are all signs of an unhealthy lifestyle. Opt for foods that are high in vitamins like C, D and vitamin E to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

People usually prefer to like someone who looks well and fit.

It is human nature to be impressed by well- presented people. Put in a few efforts on yourself for a better version of you. Follow these useful everyday tips to look presentable always.

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