5 ways for moms to rock the bullet bra


Marilyn Monroe was a trendsetter, the sexiest fashion icon of the 1950s not only made the red lip famous, but also the “whirlpool” stitched, cone-shaped, pointy bras that were sufficiently sharp to jab your eyes, and these masterpieces were called bullet bras. In fact, the 50s are really famous for this pointy bra with the tip absolutely perpendicular to your breast, this look that was flaunted by a lot of pin-up models and also was loved by any common woman as they found it to give the body a perfect silhouette and a canvas to put your clothes on. Fashion is  ever-changing, but some trends make a special place in your heart and closets. Believe it or not, mothers would still have a soft corner for our pointy duo because these bras just accentuate the curves by making the waist look slimmer. Also, one can bid goodbye to that slouch ‘cause these babies do so much more. Want to find out what?

Here are 5 ways for moms to rock the bullet bra and look absolutely stylish:

It’s all about the fit


The “upright missile” look is only possible when the fit is right! Pulling off bullet bras would easy peasy when the bra naturally compliments and uplifts the breasts. Vintage bras lacked the stretchy fabrics and technology, which is the reason why bras of the vintage age followed a simple +4 rule that might be a contention for the modern brassieres but worked perfectly for the vintage bras. If you wear non-padded bras then the fitting won’t be a problem as you will be able to fit in the same size as your current one, but if pushups are your usual picks then you have to try on the different sizes.

If the cup shape and the size are fine, but the band is tight, then you just have to go up a sister size and if both are tight then an entire size up. If you are hoping to increase your cup size naturally, check out this Great article about Saw Palmetto.

High necks go well


High neck tops really draw the attention to your breasts and figure as there is no skin show, which is why bullet bras are the perfect choice to wear underneath. They create a perfect silhouette for your top as this vintage bra makes your breasts look perky giving an illusion of a straighter posture and a vertical back. Bigger bosoms make your waist look relatively slimmer so pair this up with high waisted shorts for the classic retro look that really carves out the curves. This outfit can never go wrong.

Bullet bra corsets


Madonna rocked it and so can you, bullet bra corsets were a hit pick from the vintage lingerie collection because they look luscious. A good idea would be styling them with a pair of mom jeans for a little dressed down yet sultry look but if your intentions are going full glam then some high waisted corset jeggings are a holy grail. These corsets act like a good shape wear with tugging in all the fat and giving a smooth finish to create a perfect hourglass figure.  

Do it like the pin-up girls


We know that bullet bras can grab a little too much attention towards the chest but don’t you worry, there is a quick fix for that too. Don’t we just love the pinup beauties like Bettie Page who have always flattered bullet bras? Honestly, it is all about the print because with the correct print you could get the best of both the worlds with this vintage bra. Accentuated breasts yet less attention, all yours! Wear stripes and floral because they make the pointy tips less noticeable and well they are also trending in this season. If you’re holding back to wear bullet bras because of this reason, then we highly recommend you to try this out the next time.

Full sleeved blouses and A-line Skirts


A well-tailored A-line skirt and a full sleeved blouse are one of the best outfits that go well with bullet bras. This ensemble looks sophisticated and classy as just like any other outfit paired up with bullet bra it defines the torso, but the fitted A-line skirt does a good job of framing your body. The hue of the blouse does the major trick, though, if you don’t want your nipples to look very perky then a dark coloured blouse is a better pick because it will draw the attention away, but if you’re all in to make the world know about your new bullet bras go with lighter tones!

Well, this was all for today! We hope that moms can finally embrace their retro sides and use these handy tips to flatter a bullet bra.

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