Top 5 Men’s Hairstyles to Adopt This Season

Men and their mane have a special bond; they may ignore rest of their appearance, but this is one area that even the frumpiest of men tend to maintain. It’s only right we give it the rightful attention it deserves. Let’s have a look at the top 5 hairstyles to flaunt this season.



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Whether you wear it way to the back or sleeked to the side, this hairstyle is flattering to all face shapes. It’s an easy maintenance hairstyle, that looks like a lot of effort went in, but all your really need is a good hair wax.



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This one is super low key, but super sexy! It’s just a little texture to the crop and trimmed sides, but the outcome is high on the fashion meter. You’ll need a good hair cream to maintain the texture and give it a soft look.



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This one simply never goes out of style. For a lucky few your hair may naturally part that way, for others, hair mousse is the savior. Just one tip, keep it simple and neat.



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LOB or a bob is a louche, yet incredibly lit. The hairstyle requires a good hair care routine and that is about it. We assume if you have taken the pains to grow your locks out, a little hair care won’t be asking too much, is it?



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This one is not for every one; we know you love your locks; but going crew can be super rewarding. One easy benefit? No hair products!

These are our top 5 picks this season! We hope you have fun experimenting with these and finding your style.

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