5 Energy Drinks Recipes to Keep You Fit

In today’s busy life, everyone is a multitasker. People who worked in the corporate world, the medical field, educationalist, or even a house maker, each of them are doing their responsibilities. And there are immense pressures both physically and mentally. It causes stress and weakness and results in poor performances.

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So, to handle all the responsibilities effortlessly, one needs to stay fit and healthy. Thus, one should take some healthy drinks regularly which provide you with much-needed energy and other nutrients. There are multiple ready-made drinks available in the market but they come with harmful additives. It’s best to look at this site and prepare the drinks at home with natural ingredients for you and your family.

Here are some ideas of super easy, tasty yet healthy energy drinks:

Fruit Juices + Vegetable Juices

Tomato juice, Beet juice, Cherry juice, Pomegranate juice, Cranberry juice, Orange juice, or Coconut water: all are very much helpful to retain energy all day. Avoid all the harmful sugary drinks. Natural fresh juice contains essentials vitamins and minerals and it’s very easy to make, you just need the right ingredients for green juice. Here is one recipe to instantly boost your energy with a combination of both vegetables and fruits:

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Green apple 1, Spinach 2 cup, Kale leaves 2 cups, Celery about 4 stalks, Cucumber half, Lemon half.

After cleaning all the ingredients, make juice out of them. And your drink is ready. Products like True Pheromones can also help to make you feel better about yourself.


The advantage of smoothie is you can have it as a breakfast as it is heavier than juices. Smoothie contains both soluble and insoluble fibres in it and is considered a high-energy drink. The easiest recipe to make:

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Take some handpicked vegetables and fruits just like- carrots, beets, parsley, strawberries, etc. grind them together. Add some protein powder. Vanilla goes perfectly with strawberry.  Mix 1TBs of honey for a sweeter taste.

Herbal Teas

Yes, tea is an amazing energy drink. Tea leaves contain caffeine which helps to reduce headache. Tea also boosts moods and help to reduce skin problem and obesity. Other than a regular one, you can have Mint tea, Green tea, Ginseng tea, Chamomile tea, etc. Ginger and lemon tea is a popular one. But one refreshing recipe and energy booster yet super easy to make is iced tea.

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Prepare the as usual. Then cool down the liquid. Sweetener is optional, depends on you. Then crush some lemon and mint leaves. Refrigerate it and enjoy your chilled energy drink.

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Milk is full of calcium and vitamin D. Other than cow milk, there is more option with soy milk, Almond milk, and coconut milk. Though people nowadays try to have fat-free milk, for a change you can try this Date milk recipe which is beneficial to the health of your family.

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Milk 1L, Crushed nuts powder 3TBs, Chopped and peeled date 2TBs, Cinnamon and Cardamom powder 2Tsp, Sweetener. For nuts powder, you can take almond, cashew, or your favourite ones.

Boil them together, and the super energy drink is ready.

Coffee + Hot chocolate

Coffee is again a caffeine-based drink. If you are not a tea-person, you can choose coffee to lift your energy and set your mood. Hot chocolate also helps to do so.

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Mix 1 teaspoon of chocolate powder with your regular hot coffee. Some chocolate powder contains sugar, some don’t. Staying away from sugar is advisable. Rather you can add some fresh crème to twist the drink. Or you can have the chocolate powder with hot milk.

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And lastly, other than all this, a right amount of water is very important for our whole body hydration and keeps you away from the doctor. But choose the best drink accordingly your body, because nobody knows that better than you. So, drink energy drinks along with lots of water to stay fit and healthy all the time.

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